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Wait, Queen Latifah Is Going to Be on Dancing with the Stars?

A photo of Queen Latifah

When I think of cast members of Dancing with the Stars, I think of people like The Situation and Bristol Palin and Kirstie Alley, you know, people who either shouldn’t be famous but are or people who used to be famous a long time ago for doing things like starring in movies about babies with John Travolta. Not people like Queen Latifah. But, you know, I can’t always be an overflowing fountain of wisdom and certainty, because it looks like the Queen herself will be joining the cast of the show for its next season.

Other contestants that we know of are Snooki (can’t wait!), Rob Kardashian, and, perhaps Tiffani Thiessen. And those all make sense, I’m fine with those lamers, but Queen Latifah was nominated for an Academy Award. She’s too good for this, right?

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  • She should be fun to watch, her attitude alone would be entertaining. And, lest we not forget that she will bring a whole lot ‘a movin’ and shakin’ to the stage. Depending on the camera angles, I bet we’ll be reminded of 2 bulldogs in a burlap sack more than once…

  • I think this is an excellent way to lose weight and make money in a fun way. Why wouldn’t she do it?