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Roseanne Is Doing A New Sitcom; I Can Die Happy

A photo of Roseanne

We’re all familiar with the utter magic of Roseanne, right? Likewise, we’re all familiar with the magic of Roseanne, the most fantastic sitcom that ever was, right? Well, get excited, because we’re about to be presented with the most beautiful gift of our time: a brand new comedy, right on our televisions!

The project, titled Downwardly Mobile, would be a star vehicle for Barr. It’s designed to mine similar territory to her hit 1990s sitcom Roseanne: a close-knit blue-collar family living in tough economic times.

In these trying times, these harrowing days when Dr. Gregory House is not that entertaining and Michael Scott thinks it’s ok to leave Dunder Mifflin, something like a glorious new tale from the master of glorious tales, Roseanne, is precisely what we need.

Would you tune into Downwardly Mobile?

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