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Snooki doesn’t want to have a daughter


Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi is pregnant with her second child, and while she’s stoked on motherhood and can’t wait to welcome another little one to her family, she really hopes it’s another boy because she can’t handle the thought of having a mini-me running around.

From Extra:

“Everybody in our family has a boy and then a girl, or a girl and a boy, so we kind of want two boys to switch it up and make it different.”

“Plus, I’m not ready to have a miniature me,” she continued. “I don’t need a diva telling me what to do. I’m not ready for that.”

“If it’s a boy or it’s a girl, as long as the baby’s healthy we’re gonna be very, very happy, but me and Jionni would like to have two boys, you know, another boy.”

It’s kinda funny how much Snooki has changed over the years. I never thought I’d see the day where the self-described Oompa Loompa would stop falling over drunk on the streets and settle down to raise a family, but here she is. Good for little Snooki.

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Baby Alert For Snooki


Snooki AKA Nicole Polizzi is expecting her second child. Remember when the world freaked out when she had her first? Well she effing did it, wrote a detailed book about it, and went on Dancing with the Stars, and now she’s ready for more.

From TMZ:

Snooks is reportedly a few months pregnant but is keeping things under wraps so it doesn’t torpedo some lucrative appearances she has lined up — according to Page Six.

Sources close to the couple told TMZ a similar story this week … but we got radio silence from her camp.

I mean, whatever, right? And who are we to say she shouldn’t have another kid? She seemed to defy all expectations by doing well with the first one.

So if this is what she wants, I guess I say, congrats, Snooki. Still not gonna call you Nicole though, sorry.

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Jude Law is excited!

Jude Law is excited!

Time for another round of Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Since I covered Golden Globes fashion here, I won’t be highlighting any of that in this post. You’re welcome.

Check out what some celebs were wearing this week and then make your picks for who looked the BEST, WORST, and most WTF.

Which celeb ripped off Sharon Stone‘s 1998 Oscars look? Which celeb ripped off another author’s book cover? And which celeb probably ripped off their dress at the end of the night and thought, “WTF was I thinking?”

Let’s get to it, babies!

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