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Snooki’s a Pool Party Babe/Wrestling Pro

picture of snooki in a bikini at a pool party photos

There’s our girl Snooki, above, rocking the ill-fit bikini-and-tunic-that’s-really-a-shirt look, and you know what? Though I don’t like the girl for her antics on Jersey Shore, I have to admire her for her whole ‘throw caution to the wind‘ attitude toward what people think about her. That is one thing I can appreciate in, heck, almost anyone. Snooki, +1.

Incidentally, did any of you know that the old girl was going to be on WWE? No? Here’s the video. And I’m sorry, I was only able to watch the first thirteen seconds of it because I think WWE is, one, terribly trashy, and two, I really didn’t think anything could make Snooki look any cheaper than she already does aside from being altogether naked. Snooki, -1, maybe -2. Guess we’re back to ground zero, friends.

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