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The 5 Best (and Worst!) ‘Stars Without Makeup’ of 2011

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Ah, how often we forget that celebrities are actually “real” people, much like we are, and how grafitying it can be to see them doing normal things like going to the gym, buying coffee, and wearing hats to try and disguise just how normal they are.

Here’re the 5 Best Celebrities Without Makeup of 2011:

#5 – Sammi Giancola
photo of sammi giancola jersey shore no makeup hot pics
So, right, I realize that she’s not technically without makeup, but compared to what she *usually* looks like, this is as bare-faced as it gets, guys.

#4 – Miranda Kerr
photo of miranda  kerr no  makeup pics photos
This one is kind of a given, because if you’re a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, you’re contractually obligated to look like this. OF COURSE she’s going to show up on the “good” side of this list somewhere.

#3 – Khloe Kardashian
photo of khloe kardashian no makeup pics
Some of you probably think that it’s a joke, or a mistake, that Khloe ended up on this side of the post, but compared to her older drama queen sisters, Khloe-sans-makeup is refreshing enough to make you forget that she doesn’t look all that great in comparison to what she looks like with makeup. So in the paradox world of the Kardashians, that makes her look AMAZING in the real world.

#2 – Kirstie Alley
photo of kirstie alley no makeup pictures photos
Here’s another one that might have you scratching at your head, but Kirstie here is included on the ‘Best’ list because she looks her AGE. And she goes out in public not really giving a f-ck about what people think about her face, and that’s probably more attractive than most of the plasticky people we talk about overall.

#1 – Jennifer Love Hewitt
photo of jennifer love hewitt pictures no makeup photos
Bitch please. Did you think you were going to escape 2011 without at least one more “I LOVE JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT” post?

Jump in for the worst!

#5 – Anne Hathaway
photo of anne hathaway no makeup pictures photos
Lots of you are probably thinking, “What?!” but Anne’s on the bottom of this list because she kind of looks ill without makeup. And who knows, in this photo, maybe she is. But then again, I look ill when I wear no makeup (which is most of the time), so hey. Who am I to judge anyway, right?

#4 – Courtney Stodden
photo of courtney stodden no makeup pics
Alright, now, don’t get me wrong – Courtney Stodden looks so much better without makeup than she does with it. However. The reason girlfriend here is on this list is not because she particularly looks bad without makeup, it’s because she looks HER AGE without it. She looks SO YOUNG without it. She looks like a high school freshman when she’s not wearing sixteen layers of it, and that makes her marriage to Doug Hutchison so, so much worse. Keep the makeup on if you want your marriage to last, Courtney – it’s probably the only thing keeping child services away from your creepy husband.

#3 – Vanessa Paradis
photo of vanessa paradis johnny depp girl pics
I’m sorry, but when you’re the domestic partner of one of the most legendary hot actors of modern Hollywood, it’s probably not OK to look like a homeless lady that’s been exposed to all sorts of outdoor elements (including acid rain). At least according to vapid, superficial biotches that this kind of stuff matters to, anyway.

#2 – Cameron Diaz
photo of cameron diaz pictures photos no makeup pics
Stop the presses! Yeah, I never really understood what a lot of people (like Justin Timberlake) saw in this woman, because she seems to have the personality of sawdust and glue, but after being spotted without makeup, I’m convinced it’s got to be the cooch. She’s got to have a gold-lined, diamond-encrusted, wish-granting gitch sitting somewhere in her pants. That’s a wrap.

#1 – Terri Seymour
photo of terri seymour pictures photos no makeup pics
So, this woman is a walking, talking PSA for sunscreen. Use it, guys, or you’re going to look like a beat-up old fake leather suitcase that shriveled and puckered in the sun instead of gracefully aging like fine Italian leather. You know, kind of like Donatella Versace.

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  • Sorry but for the Kirstie Alley place, celebrities can look their age without looking like they get out of the bed, this is a bad picture!

  • Agree with you about Vanessa Paradis. Show some respect for your man, Van. Literally millions of women would love to take your place.

  • Show some respect for your man? Thats the dumbest thing ive heard, how is Van disrespecting by grabbing a coffee without makeup. Not everyone is as fake as most girls really dig the natural look and if she was that ugly then im sure johnny wouldnt have married her. Also if you were married to the hottest guy in hollywood who gives a crap what anyone else thinks. Am I right?

  • It’s just wrong to tear these people apart. This is the kind of shit that gives people major body image issues. most of these are just honestly bad pictures, taken at the worst possible moment. So some kindness to your fellow woman and stop being so damn judgemental.

    • again-THANK you to compassionate responces like the above; some people feel SO much better when women hate on themselves!

  • they all look a lot older without it. still a hell of a lot better then the people i see when i go to walmart.

  • Regarding Terri Seymour (I had never heard of her so I had to look her up) she has been diagnosed with lupus–which affects your skin tone and result in large blotches or discolorations. I really do not feel her addition to this list appropriate or respectful of a serious medical condition.

  • Khloe and Kirstie Alley definitly make the top of the worst list, regardless of your logic of it being “refreshing” for them. They look like shit, much more so than anyone else.

    • Both of those pics of Cyrus are around 5 yrs old. Many 14 yr olds have oily skin. She looks nothing like either pic now. Dumb list.

  • Can think of lots of others who belong on this list. I certainly have no problem with Sammi, Miranda, J-Love, Vanessa, Cameron and Terri. I thought the list was mixed up before I read it and now think it is just wrong. Khloe and Kirstie don’t belong on the best list no matter how refreshing looking like crap is. (I am a fan of Kirstie and this is not the best picture of her without makeup). Also, Anne and Courtney look nice w/o makeup (Not really a fan of either but am becoming one of Anne) Anne looks a little pale, but I could live with that. Courtney looks like a pretty, young girl which is what she is, without makeup. That is probably the worst picture of Miley without makeup and there are thousands of them. Many of these women have better and worse looking pictures w/o makeup available. (JMHO)

  • The comment about Diaz was spot on… cracked me up totally… I have never figured out what the thing with her was either.. she looks like a retired boxer…

  • Ditto on Diaz, she also reminds me of Granny of the old Beverly hillbillys with or with out the specs, lol

  • The lighting and facial expression had more to do with how a person looks in a picture than how they really look. Watch TV commercials that advertise something that is intended to enhance a person’s appearance from the neck up. The BEFORE pic always has a frown. The AFTER pic always has a smile. It matters in a pic.

  • Khloe K. is the worse. She can’t be a Kardashian. She looks as bad as her personality. She is just mean and disrespectful in so many ways.

  • Uhm, do you all realize that the people you decide to degrade are just that. PEOPLE; guilty of nothing but being put on a podium where they are a able to receive rude remarks and judgments from people they have never even met. Who are you to judge whose beautiful?

  • Most of them, especially Snookie, look as if they apply their make up with a spackle knife and paint roller! Though they don’t look “camera ready” without make up, why should they. Still they know the paparazzi are out there waiting, would it hurt to make an effort to look human?

  • Khloe looks like her dad O.J. Simpson not like her slutty mother. These people are celebrities, they should make a little effort before they go out in public. I make an effort and I am not a celebrity and I am a guy. Are they surprised…. “hey you won’t believe it but some guy just took my picture.” ???

  • It is sad that photographers are ready to attack a woman without makeup. They could at least warn her. I saw many a movie star/celeb. pictures and there is nobody that looks that good without makeup.

  • I love you jealous people. lol. And so do the celebrities that you love to poke fun at! Those of you that claim you are cuter than, look better than, etc, are especially amusing.