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Terri Seymour

The 5 Best (and Worst!) ‘Stars Without Makeup’ of 2011

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Ah, how often we forget that celebrities are actually “real” people, much like we are, and how grafitying it can be to see them doing normal things like going to the gym, buying coffee, and wearing hats to try and disguise just how normal they are.

Here’re the 5 Best Celebrities Without Makeup of 2011:

#5 – Sammi Giancola
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So, right, I realize that she’s not technically without makeup, but compared to what she *usually* looks like, this is as bare-faced as it gets, guys.

#4 – Miranda Kerr
photo of miranda  kerr no  makeup pics photos
This one is kind of a given, because if you’re a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, you’re contractually obligated to look like this. OF COURSE she’s going to show up on the “good” side of this list somewhere.

#3 – Khloe Kardashian
photo of khloe kardashian no makeup pics
Some of you probably think that it’s a joke, or a mistake, that Khloe ended up on this side of the post, but compared to her older drama queen sisters, Khloe-sans-makeup is refreshing enough to make you forget that she doesn’t look all that great in comparison to what she looks like with makeup. So in the paradox world of the Kardashians, that makes her look AMAZING in the real world.

#2 – Kirstie Alley
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Here’s another one that might have you scratching at your head, but Kirstie here is included on the ‘Best’ list because she looks her AGE. And she goes out in public not really giving a f-ck about what people think about her face, and that’s probably more attractive than most of the plasticky people we talk about overall.

#1 – Jennifer Love Hewitt
photo of jennifer love hewitt pictures no makeup photos
Bitch please. Did you think you were going to escape 2011 without at least one more “I LOVE JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT” post?

Jump in for the worst!

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EVEN MOAR Stars Without Makeup: Terri Seymour

photo of terry seymour pictures simon cowell ex girlfriend x factor pictures no makeup photo
What’s that, you have no f-cking clue who Terri Seymour is? Well, first and foremost, she’s Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriend. Second, she was choked on American Idol one year. Nuts, right? Third, she was an Extra correspondent up until last year, but these days, I have no idea what she’s doing.

FINALLY. She was born in 1974. That makes her nine years older than me, but she looks about fifty. She’d look good for fifty, if she was fifty, but you know what? She’s not. She’s only thirty-eight. SUNSPOTS SUNSPOTS MELANOMA CARCINOMA.

My advice? SPF, KIDS. Don’t leave home without it.

If You Oppose Violence, Re-enacting It Might Not Be The Most Intelligent Choice


As it was originally reported, some random crazy lady approached and began choking Simon Cowell’s ex but not ex girlfriend Terri Seymour after Tuesday night’s American Idol.  Now the nut (who is still in jail with a $52,000 bail around her neck) has been given an opportunity to explain why she put her hands around a stranger’s neck.  And as expected, it’s all Simon’s fault.

I wasn’t cool with Simon Cowell choking Paula Abdul on the show last week and with her crying-out ‘help’ as he did so.  Nobody said anything about that so I wanted to confront him about it because that is not appropriate behavior, is it?

She [Seymour] was taking some photographs with her camera and I knew she was his girlfriend so I went up to her to tell her how I felt. We started arguing and then I put my hands around her neck and started choking her just like Simon had done with Paula.  Then I walked away and I was tackled by the police but I don’t regret what I did because of what Simon did to Paula, nobody seemed to care about that.

Alrighty.  If you ever encounter a woman named Janice Thibodeaux, 33 years old, 5’8″ and weighing 200 pounds, run the other way.  But the best part of this story?  The (alleged!) perpetrator used to be a security guard on…American Idol.