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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week

Dear Jennifer Hudson, this is awful. Sorry. Sincerely, me.

Dear Jennifer Hudson, this is awful. Sorry. Sincerely, me.

Time for the Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week. We’re covering late July and very early August. In case you didn’t know. And now you do. And learning is fun. Obviously, Courtney Stodden’s lettuce bikini is included in here.

BEST: Dita Von Teese

WORST: Bachelor Sean Lowe

WTF?!?: Click to find out! (It’s a doozy.)

courtney stodden lettuce bikini peta

Onto the red carpet event of the year: the premiere of Sharknado.

tara reid sharknado

I really don’t want to pick on poor Tara Reid, so while I think this dress is tacky tacky (the necklace too) she looks healthy for the first time in years. So yay, Team Tara!

sean lowe bachelor fiance

Here we have Bachelor Biceps with his fiance. Guys I think it’s time to pack this one in. Your Bachelor fame is up. And Sean? 1990’s Backstreet Boys called. They just laughed hysterically and hung up.

heidi klum whole foods

Heidi Klum grocery shopping at Whole Foods dresses better than I do when I’m trying. And probably most people.

jennifer aniston we're the millers premiere

Jennifer Aniston at the premiere of her film We’re The Millers. I swear I don’t hate Jennifer Aniston. I just honestly think is whole look is awful. Except the hair! Naturally.

olivia wilde nyc

Olivia Wilde in NYC. Ankle boots are tricky. From other angles, they look great with this dress length. Others, not as great. But I like it overall.

mindy kaling Television Critics Association's Summer Press Tour

The woman that has y’all divided, Mindy Kaling. Are you as divided on her outfit?

michelle trachtenberg 2013

Behold, Michelle Trachtenberg! Did someone get a new face? I barely recognize her. What do we think of this outfit? I’m undecided.

gwen stefani ugly pants

Gwen Stefani must have the biggest collection of ugly pants in the entire world.

daisy lowe florence welch nyc

All this is missing is an Instagram filter. Model Daisy Lowe (and Gavin Rossdale‘s kid) with musician Florence Welch. I like Daisy’s outfit better. By a lot. I would wear it.

dita von teese 2013

Does Dita Von Teese ever NOT look gorgeous??


And finally, this is probably the saddest thing we’ll see in a while, even sadder than Courtney Stodden‘s publicity attempts:


corey feldman bootsy bellows los angeles

That’s Corey Feldman with two “dates” on their way to shitty nightclub Bootsy Bellows. Dude. Give it up.

Clearly the WTF goes to COREY FELDMAN!! CONGRATS!!!!

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  • How did I not realize that Gavin had a baby with Florence + The Machine?? I mean, I knew about her, just didn’t connect that it was Florence.

    Did Feldman get a new face? Is it the angle? And, no, no one in that photo is on any drugs.

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