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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week

Dear Jennifer Hudson, this is awful. Sorry. Sincerely, me.

Dear Jennifer Hudson, this is awful. Sorry. Sincerely, me.

Time for the Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week. We’re covering late July and very early August. In case you didn’t know. And now you do. And learning is fun. Obviously, Courtney Stodden’s lettuce bikini is included in here.

BEST: Dita Von Teese

WORST: Bachelor Sean Lowe

WTF?!?: Click to find out! (It’s a doozy.)

courtney stodden lettuce bikini peta

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Quotables: Corey Feldman Says Hollywood is “Filled With Pedophiles”

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“The number one problem in Hollywood was, is and always will be pedophilia. It’s all done under the radar… But it’s the big secret. I was surrounded by [pedophiles] when I was 14 years old. … Didn’t even know it. It wasn’t until I was old enough to realize what they were and what they wanted … till I went, Oh, my God. They were everywhere.”

Ew, wait, what? I mean, what?

Corey Feldman speaks out in a recent interview with Us Weekly, where he discusses his childhood and who was truly to blame for best friend Corey Haim‘s death.

Needless to say, I’m horrified. I think Corey Feldman’s kind of out there with a lot of things, much like the guy who used to hang out at the grocery store in my childhood neighborhood, spouting stuff about chem trails in the sky and alien abductions and government conspiracies and stuff, but I think he’s probably – and unfortunately – pretty spot-on about this pedophilia thing. It’s not as if he was the only one who admitted to being molested as a child in Hollywood, and I’m sure, disgustingly enough, it still happens to this day.

Poor Corey. And poor other Corey, too. This really makes me feel awfully sad.

Caption This: Corey Feldman Embarrasses Himself in Hollywood

Corey Feldman is clearly going through a tough time. Not because he lost one of his best friends about a year ago and not because his career is non-existent, but because homeboy is out of the house with a reverse rat tail hanging off his dome in 2011.

Corey was photographed on Hollywood Boulevard the other night with this hot mess on his head, and while I’m shocked, I’m not shocked. If anyone would try and make this look happen, it’s this douche.

Take a closer look at his ‘do in the gallery and then caption this shizz in the comments.