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Heidi Klum

Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week!

Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace: it's like a "before and after" shot.

Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace: it’s like a “before and after” shot.

WELCOME BACK TO Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week!! What a week for fashion! Check out our Oscars fashion post and last week’s best and worst celeb looks. Now let’s take a look at what celebs wore at Oscar parties, LAX, film premieres, and other outings, and judge them accordingly: pick 3 celebs for BEST, WORST, and WTF look of the week. As always, mine are at the bottom.

Have fun!

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Heidi Klum’s Overalls: Hell, Yes Or God, No?


Heidi Klum appears to be bringing overalls back. I think she looks fantastic in anything, but I’m not so sure about these overalls. I’m not sure about any overalls. I just don’t get it. Like, why? Why not just wear jeans instead? Overalls aren’t even comfortable.

She wore them along with minimal makeup (which she’s so good at) yesterday in Brentwood.

So what do you guys think: is this look a hell, yes or a God, no?

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Heidi Klum Is Single Again

heidi klum martin kirsten

Well, lads, step right up! Heidi Klum was dating her former bodyguard Martin Kirsten for a few years. The whole thing started just after she split from Seal (OR BEFORE???) and things seemed to be going really well for them. Welp, apparently not because they’re dunzo. Not only is Heidi out a boyfriend now, she’s also out a bodyguard – so you could be up for romance AND potential employment if you fit the bill!

From People:

“Martin was there for her during a time in her life and it was something she will always be grateful for,” says a friend close to Klum.

Kirsten and Klum are also ending their professional relationship.

“They are no longer working together,” another source close to Klum confirms to PEOPLE.

“Life is about timing. He was incredibly supportive and they were there for each other, but they’re moving on now,” adds the source. “They still have a great friendship.”

So, basically the Klum “source” is trying to say that Martin Kirsten was rebound dick and she’s tired of his scruffy ass now and is ready to upgrade. That’s what I’m getting from it, anyway. To be honest, Martin needs to step up his game if he’s gonna be with a supermodel. You gotta get the presentation together – at least take a razor to that hobo facial hair.

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People’s Choice Awards Fashion: The Best, Worst, And WTF

This week we had Hollywood’s least impressive awards show, the People’s Choice Awards, and no one really brought their A-game fashionwise. I get that you don’t want to wear your best dress to the PCA but some of these outfits…yikes.

Take a scroll through the looks and then tell me YOUR picks for BEST, WORST, AND WTF. Mine are at the end!

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Heidi Klum Leaves The House Without Makeup, Looks Gorgeous


Heidi Klum left the house to get coffee and apparently left her makeup behind. No worries, she still looks gorgeous. Like Kirsten Dunst without makeup, Ms. Klum also looks way younger without it. I’m not saying you could mistake her for a teenager, but I’d never guess she was 40. What would you guess?

Some photos show small signs of typical aging, like neck stuff and smile lines, but overall, she looks amazing. Klum’s never been vain; for Halloween she dressed as an 80-year-old woman complete with realistic aging makeup, so I doubt she even cares about being photographed ~~au naturel~~.

But I love it, because let’s be real: seeing celebs without makeup is such a treat. So keep on going without it, celebs. I’m especially curious about seeing you barefaced, Ms. Kardashian.

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Let’s See What Celebrities Ate For Thanksiving Dinner


Did everyone eat a shit ton of food yesterday? Are you getting amped up for leftovers today? Well, celebs had their feasts yesterday too, with some looking a bit better than others’. Of course, MUCH of this food was catered and you can tell. Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner tried to pretend they had home cooking, but their Instagram followers weren’t fooled and called them out on having chefs/caterers for the big day, LOL. Justin Bieber‘s dinner looked like the most un-fun thing ever. Just looking at these is making me hungry.

The Kardashians

kendall jenner kris jenner 2 kris jenner

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American Music Awards Outfits: The Best, Worst, And WTF


The American Music Awards happened and I don’t think anyone really cared that much, but here’s your outfit recap, just in case. Yeah, it’s a day late. Honestly, who really cares? We covered Katy Perry’s “is this offensive” Geisha performance, which was probably the most interesting thing of the whole night. So here’s the outfits, a touch late, but we can still have fun oooo-ing and aaaah-ing and WTF-ing. Which is what I’ll need your help with. I want you to pick the best, worst, and most WTF outfit of the night. Here we go!

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