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Forbes Released Their Top 10 Highest-Paid Under Thirty List

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This year’s list is pretty predictable, when you take into consideration the biggest things that’ve happened this year—the second-to-last ‘Twilight’ movie debuted, Adele won every award known to man, (kill me for saying this, but) “girl power” dominated the charts with Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift, and of course there’s Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne. And that’s the list, guys. The whole thing. All of it. Check it out:

#10—Robert Pattinson, $26.5 million
photo of robert pattinson comic con pictures 2012 pic

#9—Taylor Lautner, $26.5 million
photo of taylor lautner comic con pictures 2012 pic

#8—Lil Wayne, $27 million
photo of lil wayne pictures

#7—Kristen Stewart, $34.5 million
photo of kristen stewart comic con pictures 2012

#6—Adele, $35 million
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#5—Katy Perry, $45 million
photo of katy perry pictures


#4—Lady Gaga, $52 million
photo of lady gaga pictures

#3—Rihanna, $52 million
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#2—Justin Bieber, $55 million
photo of justin bieber pictures

#1—Taylor Swift, $57 million
photo of taylor swift pictures

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  • I’m a bit surprised by Taylor Swift still being at the top to be honest. But I guess all of those tweens make the difference.