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Let Kim Kardashian Teach You How to Look Just Like Kim Kardashian

I’ll just be straight with you: this interview is asinine. Kim does this grating fake laugh all the way through it, and it’s fairly obvious that she doesn’t want to be doing the interview and that she’s barely listening to the woman doing the interview. She interrupts her quite a few times, and she keeps passing up chances to joke around or actually have a conversation and instead gives her boring automated responses.

But another thing that Kim does is demonstrate how she does her makeup. And that makes the rest of the video totally worth it.

The whole thing starts out with Kim discussing how people always say that she’s had plastic surgery, but it’s totally not even true. It’s just makeup! She tells the interviewer that she’s going to teach her how to make her face look “really skinny and small” in photographs, and then she’s going to teach her how to contour her face.

So basically, this is bullshit. Kim’s saying that makeup makes her face look bigger or smaller on any given day, and she proves her ability to make her face look thinner by doing the makeup on a woman who naturally has a very thin face. Yeah, not buying that, girlfriend. Especially not when those before-and-after photos are so convincing. Here’s a good one from Reality Tea:

I’m always bad at pinpointing specific cosmetic procedures, but she’s had to have had something done to her face. I’d almost believe that contouring is responsible for her thinner nose, but her cheeks look a bit fuller too, I think, and in recent photos of her with no makeup, she still has the same fuller cheeks. And something happened with her eyes. That’s really the only thing I’d stand behind 100%, because her eyes look jacked as hell.

So let’s band together, friends, and once again attempt to document every plastic surgery Kim has ever had and every way in which Kim is a complete jackass!

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  • I would think Kim has had an eye lift and cheek implants. I’m pretty sure I read in an article that her mother had those procedures done a while back, and Kim and her mom look more alike every year. If she did have her eyes done, it was a mistake her eyes were so much larger and open before. Also, I’ve never heard of a makeup trick that makes you look squinty or surprised…though I have heard of cosmetic procedures that make the wearer look perpetually shocked. I guess when you are that wealthy from being a human port o potty, you need to spend money to look as ridiculous , whoops! I mean beautiful, as possible.

  • this interview was fucking hilarious. that reporter kept saying off the wall comment and was making kim feel so awkward. amazing! haha

  • so she learns all these tchnics from the people that paint her face for her. but instead of giving credit where its due, she chimes in and makes it seem like she’s the one that knows it from the get go? the only one I like is coutney-woops! Kourtney, because when she is arguing her side with someone she totally reminds me of my sister. lol and i thinks thats pretty crazy

  • Who knew you could get surgery to make you look pure evil? I wonder if that’s what you have to ask for, at the clinic. She probably just said “Give me the Pimp Mama.”

  • How to look like a whore.

    Step 1: Let a black dude bust a nut on your face.
    Step 2: Wash it off with a golden shower.

  • This is the first time I’ve heard Kim Kardashian’s voice … I’ve always found her kind of, sort of attractive but damn … her voice is Octomom-annoying. Yikes.