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UPDATED: Your Daily Gosling (Also, It Would Appear That Sylvester Stallone’s Son is Dead)

Update: Guys. Seriously, to those I offended (and in the general way I disregarded respect for Sylvester Stallone and his family in this horrible time), I’m way sorry. Going back and re-reading the post this morning, I agree—it was a really callous and cold-hearted way to write that Sage Stallone died, and there’s no excuses I can come up with to make it all better. I apparently didn’t think the post through (the “good” intention was there, though it definitely got lost in translation majorly this time), and, as one of the commenters noted, I probably should have just avoided writing about altogether rather than lumping it together in an inappropriate and unrelated post about Ryan Gosling.

So, again, I apologize, and I genuinely mean it. Everybody makes mistakes, and I am most definitely not exempt. Some of them are just out there for the public to see.

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  • I think it would have been better not to cover the Stallone death at all than to cover it like this.

    • It may seem like “piling on”, but I’m with this guy. You’re a parent. How would you feel?

    • I agree with you and I imagine Sarah will too.

      Sometimes when people get really tired and/or rushed strange things seem to make sense.

      I mean, isn’t it obvious, given her usual article writing and style, that this is a LITTLE out of character?

  • Seriously, this is horrifyingly disrespectful. I’m incredibly disappointed, usually this site is better than this.

  • I have to agree. I try to support the writers on this site, but to make fun of what Sylvester Stallone’s face might look like when his son just died is tasteless at best.

  • I completely agree it is extremely disrespectful for his passing and his family and you being too “lazy” to make a new post about it is horrible that you would actually disregard someone dying like that. Also whether Sylvester Stallone’s face is or is not a certain way is irrelevant to the story of someone’s child dying. This is disgusting I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see something like what you posted about YOUR loved one passing. To make it as though…by the way…this person died is shocking that you would not at least give it the respect it deserves.

  • Oh sarah you are my fave on this site but i have to agree this post was quite awful and disrespectful. :(

  • sasha was witty, clever and never would have stooped this low. this site has been lame since she left, but i never got around to removing it from my google reader. this post has triggered the conscious effort required for me to do that, and to comment on how terrible it is. nice work.

    • I love my beet-beet (Sasha), but she, too, said some off the wall stuff over the years.

      I’m not perfect. Are you?

      Of course, I guess you won’t see this as you’ve removed it from your reader, but still.

    • That’s TOTAL bullshit…. Your beloved Sasha last year tweeted about the status of Lauren Speirman, a 20 yr old coed who has been missing from Bloomington, Indiana for quite some time. She just vanished after a night of drinking. Sasha tweeted, I don’t remember the exact tweet, something to the tune of: Laurens dead, get over it… Kind of like ” Elvis has left the building!”

      • Please yourself, Sasha never apologized for a damn thing except for the times she went batshit, bipolar crazy and hadn’t updated the site.

  • Wow, what a witch with a capital B! How disrespectful of you! You’re a mother aren’t you? You’re disgusting!

  • People get tired. They say silly things. Sometimes, in prospective later, people gain new insight.

    I’m sure all of you have been tired (even to that goofy stage) at some point and done or said something you wish you hadn’t, right? I sure as hell have.

    Sylvester Stallone has had a hard life from the time he was (literally) dragged out of the womb.

    The left side of his face was paralyzed permanently during birth; that’s why he slurs and has that droopy lip.

    He got kicked around foster homes when he was young because his parents were in a bad breakup.

    When he was homeless in New York, he felt compelled to perform in an *cough* erotic movie (The Party at Kitty & Studs or Italian Stallion after Rocky) in 1970. He was 24.

    He was later broke (again) and forced to sell the script to Paradise Alley (which he wrote) for $100.00. He starred in the film. (1978)

    Apparently, he is a very talented writer and a good director as well as actor.

    When he was filming Rocky IV, he told Dolph Lundgren (who by the way is a chemical engineer but never worked in the field) to punch him in the chest as hard as he could. He was in intensive care for 4 days, probably because of blunt-force trauma to the heart.

    He married Brigitte Nielsen and she cheated on him with director Tony Scott. (I forgot about that.)

    His younger son (Seargeoh) has autisim. One of his daughters (Sophia) was born very sick and this is how he re-discovered his faith in Catholicism.

    He broke his neck and now has a steel plate during filming the Expendables.

    He lost his father last year (oddly enough, on almost the same day) on 2011JUL11. His father was 91.

    Sage (Moonblood Stallone) was working on promotion for Expendables 2 when he died. He was alone. Supposedly, according to TMZ, the death is suspected to be an overdose.

    Anyway, he’s like the poor-man’s action hero, being from a poor family and rising up to a relatively good lifestyle through his own hard work. His road’s been fairly rough.

  • So tired that you can’t take it down or edit?

    As someone who has lost two loved ones to suicide, (which is suspected, not confirmed in the case of Sage) this is extremely ignorant and disrespectful. My father has not been the same since my brother put a gun to his head 13 years ago to end his life.

    Next time, think before you type. You should never be so tired that you forget this website receives thousands upon thousands of views everyday.

    • You know what, I do think. Always.

      I’ve lost almost every one of my childhood friends. Out of a dozen of us I think 2 are left.

      A couple to self-inflicted gunshots, one of which was my best friend. I think of him every day and it has been better than 20 years now. He was like my brother.

      I’ve lost several friends and relatives to cancer (self inflicted. how bad does that suck), gunshot, motorcycle wreck, beatings, and a bunch of plain bad luck.

      I lost a good friend (23) to an overdose a few weeks ago. (Alcohol + Methadone + Hydrocodone does not make a good mix.)

      Doesn’t it follow, if she was that tired, that she might’ve … gone to bed?

      Give her a chance to get some rest or at least respond.

  • Yeah…that was kind of messed up. Maybe Sarah was so tired she didn’t realize what she was doing? I do that sometimes… :/ Not usually about a tragic death though…

  • This is a new low. Being “tired” is no excuse for lacking compassion. If anything it just shows her true colors. She is blatantly admitting to not really caring and then adding insult to the injury. What is wrong with people these days? How could anyone be so dismissive and cold and think being tired is a perfectly good excuse? You’ve got to be kidding…

  • This, Sarah who wrote the story is a real piss of shit! a mans son dies and she compares him to a sausage for being a wreck. I’m taking this site of my bookmarks. Good job you lowlife!

  • Yep. Not very good, Sarah. A boy dies – you can’t ridicule his father at this point like that, and you cannot use it as an attachment to an article about Ryan Gosling.

  • WTF?!

    There were more meaningful words written about Ryan Gosling looking pretty than about this boy’s death- and to lump them into one post with Gosling bring the forefront and focus? Even being tired, how very callous. There have been many writers with their own styles of writing, and all have had posts shredded for one reason or another, but this truly takes the cake. How absolutely heartless. You really should be ashamed of the casual and disrespectful manner in which this was written.


  • Wow. Sarah, I am appalled at the callousness you’ve shown for the loss of a human life. I don’t care HOW tired you are, this is just inexcusable. A family has lost a beloved member, friends will be missing him, and all you give him is an “Oh yeah” kind of offhand mention–in a post about someone ELSE–and then slam his devastated father’s looks????

    I’m with the others upthread who are now removing this site from my bookmarks.
    Good riddance. Bitch.

  • sarah, i guess if one of your children would die you would be a wreck, too. and we all know what that would look like: a scrawny bitch with a fugly haircut.
    wow, i almost, almost wish that something like that would happen to you. how can you be such a heartless cunt?
    i will never visit this website again. stupid bitch.

  • As valid as everybody’s points are, there’s no need to resort to profanity. It just makes your own comments seem juvenile and insignificant.

  • I’ve had Evil Beet on my toolbar for a long while now, probably years but I’m finally removing it, and refuse to return. I’ve found many of the bloggers to be very critical and overly opinionated in the way they deliver celebrity gossip. It doesn’t matter that I’ve dealt with significant loss, I am a decent human being and I know that how you “reported” about Sage’s passing was absolutely, inexcusably disrespectful.

    I won’t be returning to the website. I’ve had a lot of issues lately anyway, but this was just too much. I didn’t have the words to explain last night, and I didn’t want to make a post out of anger. You did apologize, but that doesn’t change that it was posted in the first place.

    From reading the previous comments, I’m not the first person that has decided to stop reading evil beet. Doubt I’ll be the last. See yah.

    • Basically she said a whole lot about Ryan Gosling, and then was like, Oh yeah, this kid died. Then she said that Sylvester Stallone probably looks like a sausage taken out of his casing when he’s grieving, and then linked to some live-blog of the 2011 golden globes. Basically, it was all heartless and showed a complete lack of empathy and common sense.

  • This issue is an interesting interlude into the lack of morality in (every) society (that ever existed) and the reason for philosophy (of which logic is a branch).

    It is interesting to note that almost all of you were very quick to attack Sarah for what: a lack of empathy.

    In doing so, almost all of you showed … a complete lack of empathy. See, in order to ascribe to the principles of empathy, you have to put yourselves into the other person’s shoes; just like you demanded she do. But most of you leaped right in spewing crap without a shred of thought or empathy.

    The American Native saying (my mind says Cree but I’ve seen Sioux as well) is: “keep me from ever judging a man until I’ve walked in his moccasins”.

    What you did was the very definition of hypocrisy.

    And … if a little mistake like this, unproven, mind you, caused you to “stop reading this site”, then that is hyperbole. Your rhetoric has failed you. (Not to mention the entirety of western classical education.)

    The only people, at the time of this thread, that showed ANY empathy were chaz, malia, and leigh. (XYZ, I didn’t understand, but at least they weren’t hypocritical.)

    Now, I’m not saying that anyone should be ashamed or are bad people or kicked kittens. I’m saying just think a little bit.

    You can’t demand empathy from someone else without showing some yourself.

    You shouldn’t, however, turn a blind eye either. If the person, after a chance, still didn’t own up to an error, THEN you can fire away. They’ve shown a proven lack of empathy.

    Further, what WOULD Stallone have thought, had he read that? My opinion is he’s grieving right now and would likely have asked the question: “Why would you write something like that?” or “Come on.”

    Her (probable response): “I’m sorry. I was tired. Stupid things seem more rational when you’re dead tired. Mea culpa, mea culpa.”

    He would’ve stumbled off to grieve. He wouldn’t have screamed at the top of his lungs or hurled feces. He’s a better man than that.

    Later, he would’ve thought about what she said and had a laugh about it, probably. He’s got a pretty good sense of humor (and had no small amount of plastic surgery).

    I mean, none of you had a problem about her remarking about his appearance, just the timing after the unfortunate death of his son.

    I know a lot of you are going to be upset at the above, and I’m sorry if I lead you to feel bad. You can be angry at me though, I understand. It is a positive step in the healing process.

    The good part is: having some empathy, the world understands.

    ^^ as for me, re-reading the above before smashing the “submit comment” button … that sure seemed preachy but I’m unable to figure out how to get my point across without it. Mea culpa.

    Oh, and the absurdity of debating classical morality and logic in a gossip blog has not escaped me, since the antonym of absurd is … logic. I do _LOVE_ irony.

    • Angry Pirate: the funny thing about empathy, is that it triggers a different response from person to person. In you, is blind justification.

      Regardless, I think you’re confusing it with compassion which is something that you could more than likely ask from anyone at any given time.

      I’d define empathy as the ability to relate emotionally to someone else in spite of different contextual situations. I.e: to be able to put oneself in someone else’s mental shoes.

      In this case, if I put myself in Sara’s shoes and found that there’s just no way I can relate to what she said, then I can’t justify what she did, and having no empathy towards her lack of respect/empathy/compassion wouldn’t mean I’m a hypocrite, it just means she behaves in ways that are inadmissible in my reality and incompatible with my morals. And you CAN’T force people to feel empathy towards someone they feel is morally bankrupt, and when they don’t then just dismiss them as hypocrites just because you personally are able to relate and justify her. Btw, you know what that creates? an infinite loop of calling out each other’s lack of empathy, because guess what? right know I could say you are showing no empathy towards the people that fell offended and are a hypocrite for asking them to show empathy towards Sara.

      I honestly don’t understand how being tired gives someone a green pass for being completely disrespectful of another human being dying. As someone else said, if anything I think it shows her true colors. If you want to understand her and treat everyone who doesn’t as a hypocrite who’s just not able to understand, go ahead, but don’t think of your stand as the universal truth and please get off your high horse.

      As for your little imagined conversation between Sara and Stallone, that’s completely delusional. And again, you’re just justifying her, and you can’t expect people to just go ahead and believe what you assume to be a possible outcome as an obvious truth and then be ok with what she did/said.

      That being said, I don’t think this is a little mistake, and it’s not the first time i’ve considered her callous, contrived, flaky, and unnecessarily “sarcastic”, I’ve come to expect this kind of stuff from her and wasn’t at all surprised. I don’t like the way she handles criticism and some of her writing it just so “Oh I’m so mean and sarcastic and funny and original” that I just can’t even get through them without thinking of every letter she typed as a virtual dildo jacking off her ego. But I’m not going to preach to you about my anti-sara feelings and/or feel offended by the fact that you like her, and i wouldn’t consider myself a much more open minded human being just because i don’t like her.

      If you are able to and feel fine justifying her, go ahead, but understand that it may not be enough for others.

      • 1. Please, B, don’t encourage him. He’ll be back to haunt you with a comment as long as War and Peace!!!!2. Good for you, Sarah. You manned up and did the right thing…a very good apology and (as far as I’m concerned) “case closed.”

      • YAY! A debate!

        OK. *pops fingers*

        *hat tip to Blasted1*

        Gotta rebut the flaws in your assertion and keep it shorter than War & Peace.

        (Remembrance of Things Past is actually the longest novel, almost 3 times longer than War & Peace at around 1.2 million words. Funny analogy though.)

        Challenge Accepted!

        Empathy, as it is a mental and emotional process has to trigger a contextual emotional response.

        Emotions are individual, but the origin of the process is logical.

        The usual valid question to ask yourself when working with empathy is: “could there be any way or reason that a rational person could’ve produced such an action”. She even gave us reason to suspect the validity of her actions ahead of time. “I was tired.”

        Empathy is the process of searching for those reasons before coming to a conclusion. The conclusion elicits the response. I assume you understand that empathy does not imply sympathy.

        I, obviously, couldn’t have used sympathy (from empathy) for “blind” justification since I gave possible reasons. Hence, not blind.

        I didn’t justify her actions because I flat-out claimed that she probably said what she did because she was tired. I _never_ claimed she was right, hence no justification.

        I do have sympathy, but not compassion as compassion implies tragedy. I have compassion for Stallone. I have sympathy for Sarah because I know how being tired could lead you to say something unwise. Note that sympathy doesn’t excuse her actions. She made an apology because she realized it as well.

        Of course, I’ve been tired and done some unwise things. Apparently you’ve never done that. Admirable, but I’d go out on a limb and say you’re in a very small minority. You’re unsympathetic. That’s OK, since you stated you’ve never been tired and made a mistake.

        I expected the empathy bounce-back rebuttal, that’s why I didn’t lash out and asked them to give her more time to explain.

        Also, your infinite loop argument doesn’t follow as empathy, itself, precludes it. I already put myself in their (and your) shoes last night. I assumed they were (rightfully) indignant, emotional, and not aware of the full facts. Neither was I. I could easily imagine being tired and saying something silly. I’ve read her articles for some time as well.

        Plus, _all_ empathy “does” is imply that I took time to try to understand how she could’ve done such a thing. If we were to “duel empathy charges” against each other, that would be absurd and wouldn’t work. I get where you’re coming from, therefor I’m in empathy with you.

        So, she hadn’t made anything like that statement before, so I used induction to decide she likely said what she said in error. That would make me sympathetic as an after-effect of empathy.

        You stated that you’ve previously found her to be a list of things you don’t care for, so you logically assumed the worst.

        As to finding her statement categorizing her as “morally bankrupt” … that’s hyperbole. Not wrong (that it is hyperbole), just I feel exaggerated as you seem like a rational person. We’re debating, so that’s fair.

        As to me being wrong about throwing out hypocrisy, it was a pretty safe bet. All that is required to include them in that group was a single mistake when they were tired. You’re a special case, in which you either don’t get tired or don’t make mistakes when you do. *wink* I’ll let you have that one.

        And, as for me standing for “universal truth”, dammit, why didn’t somebody tell me earlier?! Oh, wait. That was sarcasm.

        Funny, but I never stated my postulation was anything, but implied my reasoned argument. For you to state that (my argument implied “universal truth”) would be pointing your finger at yourself, too. (I hope you see how that follows. I’m trying to save Blasted1’s eyeballs.) I’ll guess that was a stab at ad hominem, not a logical error, and move on.

        As for being on a high horse, well, I’d have to be inflexible or guilty of stubborn arrogance. Nope. My arguments to date have been anything but. I think, perhaps, that you might’ve been thinking of an Ivory Tower. But, that also doesn’t fit as I’ve been severely practical.

        I feel you were offended because I assumed a posture in my argument of having the moral high ground. That was because I had the moral high ground.

        LOL I did, however, like “little imagined conversation … delusional”. I actually laughed at that. Your definition of delusional is flat wrong. (You’ll have to look it up. Blasted1’s scroll quota.) Good sarcasm though, for the second time. (Forgetting for a second that you leveled a charge of … what against Sarah? Oh yes. She was “unnecessarily sarcastic”.) I might’ve been imaginative (or even “fanciful” which is more pejorative and looks better) because I couldn’t _know_ how Stallone would’ve reacted, but now I’m posing your arguments for you.

        My point, in that, was that what she said wasn’t a full-scale-war blood and murder offense. It was just lamentable. You stated that you felt it was far worse…

        And you were doing so well (or at least coherent and making a cogent argument) until you blew it with the paragraph starting with “that being said…”.

        *deep breath*

        See, that paragraph shows you to have a nice, sharp axe to grind. It shows that you didn’t care what she said or what she did, you were gonna hate her anyway. Empathy be damned. You didn’t mince words, either. I chuckled at “anti-sarah”. But you’re proving my point for me. (Blasted1 again. Refer to parent hypocrite rambling.) Plus it makes you disingenuous.

        I also thought “i [sic] wouldn’t consider myself a much more open minded human being just because I don’t like her” was f-ing BRILLIANT! It intimates that you’re open minded and wouldn’t consider yourself MORE open minded by not liking her. That really was brilliant.

        Sadly, syntax says that you can nullify both negatives. Therefore: “i [sic] would consider myself a much more open minded human being just because I like her”. Doh.

        *shakes head chuckling*

        Anyway, did I defend her? Did I say she was right or not-wrong, even? Nope. I appealed to reason and empathy. So, I couldn’t have justified her. I didn’t think she was right.

        Nice concluding jab though. I liked it.

        Oh, and “every letter she typed as a virtual dildo jacking off her ego” – what an excellent visual image. By stacking in sexual imagery with a personal attack, you slide by most people’s filters. Nicely done.

      • lol nice reply b.
        “””Btw, you know what that creates? an infinite loop of calling out each other’s lack of empathy, because guess what? right know I could say you are showing no empathy towards the people that fell offended and are a hypocrite for asking them to show empathy towards Sara. “””
        LOL right. That’s hilarious. And guess what, he will likely say his comments have nothing to do with needing to express empathy towards those who commented. But many would say neither did those who commented need to express empathy towards the writer.

        Is funny he is complaining about those who dared to comment that the article was distasteful were hypocrites because their own comments “lacked empathy” (towards the writer, not the subject). All the while, yes he was doing not what he preached towards those that commented using his own theory.

        Besides, he EXPRESSED he DISLIKED the article. Just because his focus was less about DISLIKING the article, and 100 pages more of why everyone should have been expressing ‘empathy’ towards the writer of the article they disliked – does NOT make the others wrong or hypocrites for only saying they disliked the article.

        Huge wide stretch in using the term hypocrite, and totally irrelevant explanation behind it.

    • You said… ”almost all of you were quick to attack Sarah… , almost all of you showed … a complete lack of empathy. See, in order to ascribe to the principles of empathy, you have to put yourselves into the other person’s shoes; just like you demanded she do.” But really, “almost all” didn’t “attack” the writer, but they expressed they didn’t like the article.

      .Making light of it (admit I didn’t read the article past a few lines. I saw the header, was confused about why a death was attached to something unrelated. Thought it was some sort of joke I didn’t get, until I got up to oh this kid really did die, and I stopped reading and I moved on cos felt wrong. Actually clicked in to these comments thinking it was for another article.)

      Completely different levels where one would go out their way to express ‘empathy’ or sympathize. To call someone a hypocrite for stating they don’t appreciate an article like this is totally crazy, and to explain it away because they didn’t EXPRESS empathy towards the writer makes no sense.

      What makes you the GOD of deciding when it’s ok to simply state your opinion that you find something distasteful – and when it’s not ok, at least without a disclaimer that you feel ‘empathy’ towards the person behind what you disagreed with. You even said you wanted to give her a ‘chance’ apologize…. claiming that if she didn’t then you would feel that THEN people could ‘fire away’. I could say you lack ‘empathy’ for saying such a thing instead of considering all the possibilities of why she may not apologize, making you a hypocrite.

      Yes it’s ridiculous.. but that’s the point, it’s ridiculous that anyone needs to express ‘empathy’ of a writer, and not just express that they were upset with how something was written. And no, they are not hypocrites for saying they didn’t like the article without analyzing why it was written.

  • People. Suck it up, worse shit is being said, yeah it was kinda insensitive but this is why we love EBG. Say what they want because they can – brilliant!

  • oh my fucking god people, why do you all have giant sticks up your asses?? Yeah, it’s sad when someone dies. But ya know what? People die all the fucking time. We can’t make big giant fucking deals about every person who dies ever.
    It’s not as if Sarah said “hey guess who died? HAHA He totally deserved it!”

    Fuck, people are so fucking uptight, it drives me insane.

    • Oh, and I don’t give the tiniest shit about Sylvester Stallone’s kid dying. At least not any more than I care about any other stranger’s death.

    • Yeah, me, too. Wow. I read this last night when it was first published, and I have to say I was disgusted. First of all, I couldn’t care less how hot she feels for Ryan Gosling (or Adrien Brody for that matter). I come here for news, not her latest masterbation. I was already disgusted with that crap, but then to attach an “oh, and some guy’s son died” at the bottom and talk about how badly he’s aged. WOW. I think Sarah’s been full of crap from the beginning, and now I hope she just gets fired. That tired “oh, I’m so sorry”…. no, no, you shouldn’t have posted it in the first place. You had energy enough to post about Ryan Gosling leaning on some dude’s garbage can and posting a picture about it, but you couldn’t take a few moments to post an entirely different post without the shit attached to it? How about we just let Emily write for now. I’m tired of the BS or I’ll be leaving, too. Sarah’s the prime reason for me not “liking” this site on Facebook… which means exposure for this site and its advertisers. At least Emily explains her stream of consciousness when she has a problem with someone she’s writing about, and I don’t think she’s ever complained about being too tired. UGH! It’s your job!

  • you are just pathetic. it’s a fucking gossip blog. it’s not anywhere that you should be looking for any kind of insane insight in the way life is supposed to work.

    as for you saying more or less that sorry doesn’t cut it, sure. i have positively no doubts that you are one perfect person who’s never made any mistakes, never said anything regrettable or never sought forgiveness from someone you care about much less people who you DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT. i think it takes class for sarah to apologize to those that she offended but apparently it also takes class to regonize that, which you definitely don’t have.

    hope you never do anything that requires an apology on your part.

    • I think if the apology was actually sincere, she would have gone on to cover the death of this man, rather than write about how Miley Cyrus resembles Selena Gomez or something. At least give us some more facts. But to me it was just a pat “I’m sorry”, like the kind parents make their kids say when they’ve done something wrong, but they don’t actually mean it. They’re just sorry they got caught. There’s a big difference.

  • Sarah, good on you for apologizing to people who have no fucking idea who Sly’s son really was and never met him or got close to him personally in any way. He’ll be forgotten tomorrow by the same people who gave you grief over your post. He’ll be forgotten by everyone except those people who LOVE him, his friends and family.

    Write what you want. Personally, I’d rather read about my homeboy Gosling.

    Besides, I don’t think you could be as offensive as that asshole Sasha if you tried.

  • Angry Pirate-wow you have way too much time on your hands. Get a life. This site has gone to hell. All you guys ever do is rip off TMZ or posts that ramble on and on and on and on and on…get it? Gonna say bye now. Long over due.

  • Sincerely, it takes a big person to apologize, and I for one (even though I was not offended in any way) applaud you for apologizing in such a public forum when you felt it was warranted.

    get off her back everyone!

  • angry pirate I read your first post and I was like, But whatever..Then you just keep posting and posting like the dumb kid in class who thinks he knows it all. Seriously stfu. So you’re challenging the majority’s opinion. Big F*cking deal. You’re not succeeding in convincing anyone. Sarahs STILL a bitch, it was still wrong. You’re a dumbass. The end. Shows over.

    • bravo!! these comments made made me LOLOL, thanks nerds. angry pirate, chill the fuck out. short & sweet & to the point, try it some time PLEASE.

      • LOL OK PNPP.

        I forget that some people find it hard to read. I think a lack of reading comprehension speaks for itself (not you though).

        The combinations of se3q above are likely a sockpuppet because the original was (completely) in error. (Can’t describe it here, because …)

        Seriously also seriously failed reading comprehension. Again, won’t go back because …

        Shouting someone down, just like Khrushchev banging his shoe on a table at the UN, doesn’t make you look smart. Just like complaining that you aren’t (that would be Seriously). (Can’t explain here because …)

        *shrug* The thing I don’t get is: If people hate reading Sarah SO MUCH, why do they do that? There are approximately 10 billion (hyperbole) sites to go visit. I read around 30 a day and it is a quickie when I’m eating or something.

        Oh, and don’t use the nerd card. It points the finger of anti-intellectualism at you; and you don’t want that. :)

      • Angry Pirate, a true intellectual would know that an ellipsis at the end of a sentence should contain four full stops.

        Also, your sentence structure (or rather, lack thereof) is horrid. Tell me, how does one comprehend such poorly articulated thoughts? I refuse to take you seriously.

      • Well livwho, I’ll give you this, you got balls …

        But you’d be wrong. Twice.

        See, there is no such thing as an ellipsis with four dots. What you mean is the punctuation of a sentence followed by 3 dots.

        “ALL of the style manuals state that, even though they’re a bit murky. … And so on.” – Le Me

        The above was a correct ellipsis after a sentence. Even though there was no break. Normally it’d have occurred inside a quotation. I didn’t put the spaces inside the ellipsis, even though you probably want to in most modern editors as they compress 3 dots into a magical ellipsis.

        Plus … picking on someone’s grammar, even if you’re wrong … what a lame argument. I _know_ you can do better than that.

        The second thing, where or when did I say I was an intellectual? Where did you get that? Some portions of the definition fit, but …

        You have great skin and are REALLY photogenic, as an aside. That photo someone took of you is VERY good.

        Anyway, my sentence structure …

        I was cutting my thoughts short on purpose. I can only be hampered in a few ways before all I can do is grunt. I was trying to be cordial.

        Even with the distorted method I was following, pray tell, where was my “horrid” sentence structure?

        I’m going to assume your little jab about “poorly articulated thoughts” was contextual blindness? As I was so-hampered by the aforementioned cordiality. I can understand that.

        Of course, anyone that likes the Evil Overlord’s list can’t be all bad …

        *ticks one finger*

        And you did say: “I’m all out of sympathy this month.” so maybe I’m speaking to an empty room.

        *ticks two fingers*

        And you even like guys that are into science! Or at least chemistry. (Even though this is scary-close to intellectuals.) I do chemistry!

        Oh, and even guys that cook! I cook, and am pretty damned good.

        *ticks three fingers*

        Further, even if you poke me with sharp sticks, I kinda like your style. *shrug*

        *ticks four fingers*

        So go ahead. Poke me Ms. Johnson. I don’t mind.

      • You twitter stalked me. I am equal parts flattered and creeped out.

        You fail to transition from one thought to another coherently. You are the Stephanie Meyer to this entire argument. No one takes you seriously, and no one cares.

      • On an entirely unrelated note, I blog-stalked you, Liv, and I have to say—your site is pretty impressive.

      • Oh my God, thank you, bl4cktea is my pride and fucking joy. Your compliment means a lot!

        May it be known that while I am disappointed, Evil Beet remains my favorite gossip blog and inspiration for all things snarky. :)

      • Well, thank you. :) And you’re welcome! Did you do the design code yourself? It’s pretty rad.

      • OUCH! Damn.

        *scribbles in overlord’s diary*

        Next time you freakin give someone license to stab you with sharp sticks, make damned sure THEY AREN’T HOLDING A DAMNED SHARP STICK!

        *puts diary away*

        That hurt. That hurt real bad. Comparing me to that witless moron that wrote twicrap? Man, you’d have thought I hit your mother or something.

        Although, upon reflection, at least you didn’t fire the 50 shades of crap woman at me.

        Please, however, be 100% flattered. I’m going to keep my butt over here, where I’m nice and safe.

        But, come on, don’t blanket dismiss me. If people didn’t care, there wouldn’t be a billion (hyperbole) responses.

        Oh, and I Twiter-stalked, stumble-upon stalked, put-locker stalked, instructables stalked, and a few other I forget stalked you. It’s how I roll.

        Hell, I even found that one photoshop tutorial you made. People were whining that the pictures had become unlinked.

        But I was still happy with what I found even if I’m (now) butt-hurt.

        Even so, thought transition? We were talking about sentence structure. Come on. I do a pretty good job of transitions, now.

        I mean, I do tend to digress a bit, but still.

      • Sarah, I don’t claim the theme code as mine, but I did do a significant number of edits to get exactly what I wanted. I’m glad you like it. :)

        Angry Pirate, dude. Stop. My online life is pretty boring.

  • I know Sarah and Emily don’t give a flying fuck about what I have to say, considering recent comments and conversations, but I simply cannot fathom the thought process that enables a professional and PAID writer to pen such a callous article.

    Evil Beet needs a staff makeover more than it needs a new design. Between Emily’s naivety and Sarah’s apparent lack of interest in doing her job, Evil Beet has suffered.

    This “apology” reads as insincerely as the original post. Words without conviction are more shallow than their author.

  • never like Sarah’s writing style (or personality behind the style). but i’m still surprised she wrote an article about someone death in such heartless way. sure, we don’t have to care about the kid or Stallone, but i think being nice and respectful about someone’s loss is a moral standard. i’m not offended personally, i just don’t like the article (and a bit disgusted)

  • I’m sorry Blasted1, I actually enjoy talking to this pirate person.

    I think you completely missed the point of what I was trying to say. I’m not going to say that’s your fault nor am I going to be all internet-debater and youtube-commenter and call you stupid. I’ll try to be more clear:

    Your tone was excruciatingly preachy. You went out of your way to try to get people to sympathize with Sara and you went as far as justify her, as in: “People get tired. They silly things. Sometimes, in prospective* later, people gain new insight”. Mind you that in the same post, you decided to write Stallone’s biography… for some reason that just makes no sense at all to me if it wasn’t as a means of justification.

    *Perhaps “in retrospective”?

    I’ve been using “justification” as the means you use to rationalize what Sara said (Isn’t that a Death Cab for Cutie song?), and make it ok and tolerable in your book.You’re making excuses for her, even before she said she was tired, you were saying it yourself, I mean you did feel the need to give “possible reasons”. So yeah, you’re making an excuse for something many people thought was wrong. That’s a justification. That’s actually a really helpful mechanism and what I criticized about you was just the fact that your tone make you look as if you were trying to get everyone right there with you.

    I’m going to ask you not to assume random things about me. I never said I’ve never been tired and done some unwise things, so your “since you stated you’ve never been tired and made a mistake” is completely off topic.

    Thing is, to me there’s a big difference between being tired and spelling something wrong, or saying something mildly hurtful to someone, and being tired and treating another human being dying with as much respect as you’d treat a rotten egg. You can absolutely excuse yourself for, I don’t know, throwing a glass of water at me because you were tired (and sometimes being tired makes us irrational, and turns off our filters), but I’d definitely think of you as a low-life if you came to me, told me a really long masturbatory story about Ryan Gosling and then casually told me someone had died and then just excuse yourself saying you were tired. The difference is not whether I was offended or not. This is an issue of what this kind of things, tell me personally, about the other person. The fact that you’d control yourself and not throw a glass of water at me while not being tired, is fine. The fact that you’d control yourself to not constantly treat someone else as a piece of shit, is not. To me, this whole thing just tells me that she’s that kind of people that needs society to make rules and filters or else they’d be running around putting someone’s brother dead corpse in their living room as some sort of practical joke (Yes, I’m exaggerating). And please don’t tell me that’s true for every one of us, I live in a country (and have lived in many similar countries), where the rules are practically non existent and there’s still lots of people willing to at least try and behave in ways that will not negatively affect others.

    So yeah, there’s no way I could sympathize with her, since it just reads as an excuse she had to make to get people off her back because she actually doesn’t think what she did is wrong. Btw, I don’t really feel offended, or assumed the worst about her, it was just as expected; I don’t expect the worst from her, and I don’t hate her, I just roll my eyes and move on cause I couldn’t care less about her endless rants where she casually and subtly talks about how low maintenance and cool she is. The thing is she bores me to no end, I can’t even hate her. I still give her the benefit of the doubt, but she sadly keeps falling back in the character she’s made for herself. Still I’m not just going to be against her just because it’s her.

    I make the assumptions above about Sara, because that’s what I gather from the tone she uses in all of her writing regardless of the topic.

    Actually I think this whole thing boils down to a matter of tone vs. mood vs. substance. I’m assuming you know about this, and so I’ll just remind you that a piece of writing is not just about what the writer wants to say and how he says it, but what the reader’s cultural baggage brings to it and the transference between the whole writer-work-reader.

    I replied to you the way I did because of the tone you used, it fell preachy (That’s actually why I use the words “universal truth), and just by your replies (which is all we have) I think it would be safe to assume you were not putting yourself in anyone else’s shoes except for Sara. If you think I’m wrong, then you could perhaps reread what you said, and actually find some post in which you clearly asked people to wait for her explanation.

    P.S: If I hated her then I wouldn’t read this site at all. I like Emily, I LOVED Molls, and I liked Sasha’s stories. My feelings towards Sara are more along the lines of what I felt for the ‘talented” and “unique” boyfriends my sister brought home when I was a teenager, I’d constantly ask myself why anyone would call their random b&w pictures of old cars “art”, and I could not stop rolling my eyes every time they opened their mouths but I could still sit next to them at dinner and carry on.

    Also, I’m going to be bitchy and snobby now, and say that as a major in something my friends call Hipsterology (also known as classical philology) I will not discuss the definition of the word “delusional”, my use of “unnecessarily sarcastic” instead of “fanciful”, or incredibly annoying intellectual epitaphs that have no place in the discussion.

    • I appreciate debate, and I concur with the no ad hominem thing. It won’t get us anywhere and is uninteresting.

      Sadly, I said in the end of my original message I _knew_ it was preachy. I couldn’t figure out any other way to get my point across. I did go out of my way to get people to _empathize_ with her. Not sympathize. I didn’t further justify her comment. That would mean declaring her guiltless. That’s obviously not it.

      Eh, OK. Let’s be fair. Yeah. I did try to get people to sympathize with her position. I didn’t justify her behavior, but I was sympathetic.

      My use of prospective was actually a mistake. Forgive me. I was writing off the cuff like I always do. I meant perspective. Retrospective might’ve worked but I chose another nuance. Good catch though.

      Anyway, justification, as defined means absolution (in short). I never said what she did was OK. I just didn’t do that.

      I gave some reasons why she could’ve made the mistake, but that isn’t the same thing. That’d be empathy. I can see how someone would make that mistake.

      I can also sympathize with her, as I’ve said stupid stuff when I’m tired. I understand that other people didn’t, but I also feel a lot of them are being mealy-mouthed as well. Hence my hypocrisy finger.

      Also, I didn’t assume “random” things about you. I assumed that since you said “… and found that there’s no way I can relate to what she said …” and “… she behaves in ways that are inadmissible in my reality …” that you had never been tired and never made a mistake when you had. Of course, you keep using justify as sympathy. I didn’t justify her behavior and neither did you. I don’t think many people could.

      If I assumed incorrectly, then the only other option I can see is that you thought her statement was so horrific that it transcended any possibility of sympathy. I can’t see that. What she said was careless, but only due to timing. Being tired (as scientific fact) can shift your ability to detect time-contextual issues. Therefore, I assumed, given your later statements (in my opinion) condemning her, that your ire was transposed.

      But the amount of ire is irrelevant to the discussion at hand.
      And, as a point of note, she didn’t directly insult the dead son, but the father in his grief. Bad, yes, but in our society not as bad as speaking ill of the dead.

      I do not agree that her apology sounds like an excuse to get people off her back. I don’t feel that she doesn’t know or think what she did was wrong. I also don’t feel that she was being insincere. However, those are opinions and we’re both free to gage those. What could she have done, in your mind, to make her apology more sincere? I feel that you dislike her so much that no matter what she said, you still wouldn’t accept it. *shrug*

      See, you state that “, … I don’t really feel offended, … it was just as expected …”, and it shows that you’d made up your mind. I do appreciate your images though. Those are _great_! “… her endless rants where she casually and subtly talks about how low maintenance and cool she is.”

      LOL I’ve never heard anything like that (from her) except as sarcasm. I wouldn’t classify her as particularly subtle either. I haven’t read any reference to low-maintenance. She doesn’t, further, tend to state or imply that she’s cool. *shrug* Maybe you’ve read more of her stuff than I have.

      I do agree that, even a semi-talented writer, and Sarah is above that, puts nuance into her writing that sets both mood and tone. You and I do that as well.

      As far as asking for people to wait for her explanation (as you asked): 2012JUL13 09:32p “I agree with you and I imagine Sarah will too. Blah blah blah”. I stated that for her writing this was out of character. I was indirectly asking for patience.

      2012JUL13 09:53p “Give her a chance to get some rest or at least respond.”

      2012JUL13 09:22p “People get tired. They say silly things. Sometimes, in prospective [sic] later, people gain new insight.” (That hurt to type [sic] in my own damned quote.) I think a reasonable person would read that and assume that I was asking for people to just give her a chance to respond.

      That’s 3 times I stated it. I felt that was adequate. Malia realized it and responded. Margarita recognized it and responded, but rejected it. Kimber responded, but rejected it.

      And the P.S.: I didn’t care for Molls, but I love beet-beet (Sasha). I read her for years (since 2008 I think). Not everyone deals well with artist types. I sometimes have to roll my eyes too. Especially when they are pretentious. It can get wearing.

      As for philology, I’m more of an etymologist and wordsmith. I love debate as well. As you already know, the meanings of terms are vital to communication. Although I do apologize for my sarcastic-fanciful jab. It was fairly subtle and probably no one else here noticed it. *sheepish look/spock smirk* Props bud.

      I don’t get epitaph, but, ye gods, do I digress. I’m sorry it upsets you. I do feel they have a place though, as others might not have as broad an understanding as you.

  • OH MY GOD ALL OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY. Get over it. a blogger said something that rattled your cage and ruffled your feathers. You should all head home and have a good cry now because the internet feels your sting. is that what you’re hoping to get from this?

    sarah apologized to those people that she offended (which is absurd, because anyone with a half a brain could and who read the original post could tell that she wasn’t being fucking literal with anything she said) and now those people (who aren’t owed an apology let alone anything else from someone they don’t even know) claim that her apology wasn’t genuine enough? LOLOLOLOL please.

    you’re right. carry on. you’re all perfect. none of you are judgemental, sometimes-innappropriate people who ever make any kind of mistakes whatever, and if you did? well you would make sure that your apologies were transparently genuine, right?

  • ^^ This.

    Also does no one ever go to dListed or The Superficial? Those writers are way way more scathing and offensive and inappropriate than Sarah, Sasha or Molls ever could be. Its not like half of these bloggers actually live the words that they write anyway.

    • You want to see scathing, inappropriate, AND offensive?

      Just stumble on over to Jesus’ website: DrunkenStepfather.

      THAT is offensive.

  • @livwho: I had to see your blog too, and I have to say I’m absolutely mesmerized; you should be SO proud—it’s breathtaking. THAT is talent; that is ART. Please keep it going!!!

  • What does Ryan Gosling have to do with Stallone? I could care less about this Ryan twit. Him and his famewh*re girlfriend are a non story. Something like this death should have been posted separately and it was disrespectful to made fun of someone’s appearance, especially during a time when a loved one has just died. This is in really poor taste.

  • Neither are my favorite correct here in town, but I would choose the Grand Sierra over the Atlantis. The dealers at the Atlantis are rude and not friendly at all. If you want a fun time and fun dealers, head to the Peppermill…only a couple of blocks from the Atlantis. The dealers there are the best and aside from the miles of neon, it’s a great casino.