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Taylor Swift Has 4th of July Party, Is Better Than You


Taylor Swift had an early 4th of July party. Why? Because she’s better than you. I mean, let’s just be honest here. Taylor Swift is riding high. She’s got a sizzling career, a great bod, famous friends, and a boyfriend with abs to spare. So if you’re the shallow type who keeps score over stupid shit, this is Swift scoring pretty high.

Swifty ole Swift partied with boyfriend Calvin Harris as well as besties including Gigi Hadid, the members of the band Haim, Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt and star of Empire, Serayah, among others. No bad blood here. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? HA. HA. HA.)


Friendly relations between Scotland and America. @calvinharris

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Goddamn, those are some nice abs. I usually don’t care about muscles on dudes — I’m more into the sickly skinny types — but I will not deny those abs. You could serve sushi off those things.

Anyway, I would love to be invited to one of Taylor’s parties. Shit seems epic. I bet she has parties for just about any occasion, too. Like Groundhog Day parties, or Flag Day parties. One of these days, I’ll be there. I may not actually be invited. I may sneak through the window. But I will be there.

I know, I know, I’m a grown-ass woman, I need to calm down. I know.

What are your 4th of July plans? You partying up like Swifty? You working? Doing nothing at all? Holla, and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!

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Taylor Swift Is “Elated” Over Getting Apple To Change Their Royalties Policy

taylor swift

This weekend, Taylor Swift took to her Tumblr account to explain that she wouldn’t be letting Apple Music  stream her latest album, 1989, since they weren’t paying artists, writers and producers during their 3-month trial period. She said she was doing it to stand up for all artists, and apparently it worked, because Apple has done a 180 and now WILL pay everyone during the trial period, after all.

iTunes CEO Eddy Cue took to Twitter to reveal the news, then spoke to Billboard to elaborate on the situation.

eddie cue

And from Billboard:

Cue elaborated that it was Swift’s letter that turned him around on the issue. “When I woke up this morning and saw what Taylor had written, it really solidified that we needed a change. And so that’s why we decide we will now pay artists during the trial period.”

Cue added that Apple had heard the same “concern from a lot of artists,” noting that it was “never our intent” to not compensate artists, rather they were planning to originally negotiate a higher royalty rate, which they will stick with.

Asked if Apple is eating the cost of the 90-day trial period, Cue said, “We’re certainly paying for it, yes. We’re all in.”

Once the decision was made by Cue and Apple CEO Tim Cook, Cue called Swift on the phone from her tour in Amsterdam. “I let her know that we heard her concerns and are making the changes. We have a long relationship with Taylor so I wanted her to hear directly from us.”

Swift’s reaction: “She was thrilled and very thankful and excited to see how quick we responded.”

Oh, I bet she’s thankful and excited. More money! In all seriousness, I’m of two minds about this. On the one hand, it’s a matter of principle. All artists deserve to be paid fairly for their work because, well, it’s their work. That’s what’s right. On the other hand, she has so much fucking money that any streaming royalties would be like chump change, so the fact that she’s moaning is vaguely obnoxious… but then I think about the fairness thing and I can’t really hate (and I do love TSwift, generally speaking).

Then again, a photographer has called her out for pretty much doing the same shit she’s accusing Apple of doing to her… so there’s that.

Anyway, Taylor’s happy:

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Taylor Swift Pens Letter To Apple Music About Why She Won’t Stream Her Albums

taylor swift

Taylor Swift has been pretty intent upon not sharing her music with streaming services like Spotify in the past, and now she’s revealed why she’s decided to keep her albums off Apple’s upcoming streaming app, aptly titled Apple Music, as well. In a lengthy open letter, Taylor explained that it’s not really about her own greed but rather about standing up for other artists on principle.

Instead of pasting the text of the letter here, I’ll just embed the Tumblr post where Taylor wrote it.

I think it’s pretty hilarious that she’s taken such a strong stance against this and yet has her music on TIDAL. I don’t think they’re paying a much better rate to artists, to be honest (though feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). Just seems like Jay-Z was too cool to say not to, but who knows.

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When Will Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Be Over?

taylor swift calvin harris

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have been an item for a couple of months now, and all I can think whenever I think of them or see them together is “When the hell will this end?” because seriously, it has to end soon, right?

There’s nothing about this relationship that makes a bit of sense, and while I know that sometimes opposites attract and all that, but seriously? I cannot imagine a single thing they have in common, other than the fact that they’re both famous. Plus, the whole thing just creeps me out. I know Taylor’s not a child, but part of me feels like she’s really naive in terms of relationships and Calvin Harris is just a fucking mess who will do anything to get over his “geeky kid in high school that suddenly got hot” complex.

Taylor posted the pic above on her Instagram yesterday with the caption “Swan goals.” I don’t know what’s going on anymore, but I don’t like it.

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Katy Perry Doesn’t Actually Have A Taylor Swift Diss Song Called “1984″

katy perry taylor swift

We all know by now that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have some “bad blood” between them, hyuck hyuck. It’s all over some boring bullshit like Katy stealing some of Taylor’s crew for her tour or something, even though it seems they were working for Katy before or whatever blah blah. I’d just like to remind everyone before we go any further that these are two GROWN ASS WOMEN going on like this. Okay, now we can proceed.

So there were rumours floating around, as you probably remember, that Katy had enlisted John Mayer to write a revenge song about Taylor, and then all of a sudden there was an actual report that she’d actually registered a new song with publisher BMI called “1984″ – THE TAYLOR SWIFT DISS TRACK WAS UPON US. Except, of course, it’s not, because her reps have said in no way is there any truth to the story whatsoever. The song just doesn’t exist.

From Billboard:

“Katy Perry’s managers at Direct Management Group confirm that this story is completely false,” a rep for Perry at Universal tells Billboard. “Katy Perry was not involved in writing, singing, recording or registering this song.”

That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Patrick Collier, one of the song’s alleged co-writers, posted an Instagram about the song with the caption “news to me.” That Instagram post has since been deleted.

For their part, BMI simply confirmed that the “1984″ song was registered back in September by BMG Platinum Songs. The song is still on BMI’s site with Katy Perry listed under the “Artists” tag.

So… it does exist and Katy’s lying? Who knows, but I wish these two would grow up and move on. It’s getting more than a little pathetic.

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Katy Perry Enlists John Mayer To Seek Revenge Against Taylor Swift

katy perry john mayer

We all know that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have had some seriously “bad blood” for a while now (see what I did there?) but it seems Katy might be ready to kick their feud up another notch by enlisting boyfriend John Mayer – who just so happens to be Taylor’s ex – in her revenge plot.

From Hollywood Life:

“Katy thinks revenge is a dish best served cold. She’s even more determined to show people what she calls ‘the real Taylor’, she’s writing some big, anthemic-type songs that’ll feature dirt on Taylor that John’s told her from when they used to date,” a friend of Katy’s told HEAT.

Wow, this feud is getting pretty intense! Is it wrong of us to say we’re slightly excited to hear this revenge song? What kind of dirt does John have on Taylor?! We need to know!

As for Katy’s absence at the Billboards, her friend said “John convinced her it was a bad idea. Katy realized she couldn’t stand the idea of the cameras being on her face as she had to watch Taylor win every award with all her friends applauding her.”

I’m going to go ahead and call BS on this story, if only because I’d hate to think that a 31-year-old woman has nothing better to do than enlist her boyfriend to try to get back at her ex-friend via song. I mean, I know Taylor wrote ‘Bad Blood’, but I know homegirl is immature. It just needs to end now. Move on, ladies. (Then again, I would SO listen to it. You know it’d be a hit!)

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Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video Is Here & It’s A Star-Studded Katy Perry Shade Fest

bad blood

Taylor Swift has been teasing her epic “Bad Blood” video for the past week, gradually leaking her famous friends in superhero form that star alongside her in it. It’s been a long wait, but the video finally premiered during last night’s Billboard Music Awards and it’s basically a big budget, celebrity fueled, Katy Perry shade fest. And it’s glorious.

I don’t want to spoil too much for you, so I’ll just embed the video here for your enjoyment.

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