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Rihanna “Doesn’t Give A Dick” About Leonardo DiCaprio

rihanna v magazine

Rihanna is getting ready to release her new album, R8, at SOME point – God only knows when, since even though she’s released three singles from it already, there’s not a release date in sight. But she’s hitting the promo trail pretty hardcore leading up to it, and her latest interview is with V Magazine, in which she goes neon, gets her ass out and tells us all that she doesn’t give two shits about rumours that she’s hooking up with Leonardo DiCaprio, among other things.

On her relationship with Leo staying private: “Do I even give a dick about that anymore?”

On responding to people who say she’s taken time off: “I didn’t actually take time off. The past two years are the hardest I’ve ever worked. I’ve been working on two albums, an animated film, shooting for multiple magazines, designing for Puma and Stance [socks], a new line of fragrances, a summer tour, I launched my first annual Diamond Ball at the end of last year, and I’ve also been developing several projects to be revealed in the near future.”

R8: “Dude, I’m in love with my interludes. This one called ‘James,’ joint is on constant repeat. [The album is] soulful and aggressive, whether it’s lyrically, musically, or just the tone of my voice.”

“The thing that made me fall in love with [‘FourFiveSeconds’] is the juxtaposition of the music and the lyrics,” she told V. “When you read the lyrics it’s a completely different song than what you are hearing. The music is easygoing, but the lyrical content is very loud and in your face. In performing this, the key was to make sure the aggression wasn’t lost.”

Yikes. I gotta say, I stan for Ri, but she actually released ‘James’ this week and frankly, I’m not all that impressed:

Like, what? No. I want this to be good, I really do. I refuse to give up on the queen.

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Rihanna Went Shopping For 4/20 Snacks

rihanna smoking

Have you looked at the calendar? Are you aware of what day it is? I left my stoner days behind a long ass time ago, but Rihanna is still going strong with her love for Mary Jane, and she took a few friends for some pre-holiday prep. And by that I mean, they bought a shit ton of snacks to eat while they’ve got the munchies, obviously. They didn’t come out and say that in the video, but I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happening here:

I mean, hey – at least it’s not cocaine, right? I’ve got no idea where the hell they are – it almost looks like a hotel shop, which it could very well be. It also seems like they’ve closed it down while RiRi and her friends are in there, which is the biggest perk of being a celebrity. I don’t need any tourists crowding the narrow ass aisles while I’m trying to get those Oreos on the bottom shelf!

Anyway, happy 4/20, y’all!


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Rihanna Swears She Wasn’t Snorting Cocaine In This Video


Rihanna has always insisted that she’s got no interest in being a role model, and good for her – why should she? She loves drinking, partying, smoking copious amounts of weed… and snorting coke? It would seem so, though Rihanna denies it. You see, a video popped up online on Tuesday showing RiRi chillin’ with her friends Melissa Forde and someone else whose name I don’t know. Ri is in the background rolling a blunt and seemingly doing lines.

However, Rihanna wasn’t too happy with the suggestion that she was snorting shit up her nose, so she took to the video’s comments section to tell all the haters off and deny that shit:

Well, that sorts that out. Only… it sorta doesn’t because it totally looks like Rihanna was doing cocaine, right? I stan for Rihanna either way, but come on.

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Rihanna pranks Jimmy Kimmel by waking him up at 1am

jimmy kimmel rihanna

Jimmy Kimmel has pulled plenty of pranks in his day, but how often has HE been pranked? Not that often. Rihanna decided to take care of that and showed up at his house at 1am to jump on his bed, throw money and sing her new single at the top of her lungs. (And yes, I’m aware this hit the ‘net yesterday, but it’s good enough to post today.)

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a “prank” – to me, a prank entails sorta pulling one over on someone, rather than just turning up and surprising them. Either way, Jimmy’s reaction – or perhaps non-reaction is a better word – is amazing. Imagine being awakened from a dead sleep in the middle of the night by Rihanna? He looks so confused. I love it.

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Rihanna releases new single ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’

rihanna bbhmm

Rihanna has been teasing us with the prospect of new music for a while now, and while our ears have been tortured by that terrible ‘FourFive Seconds’ shit, I think we’re all more than ready for a true Rihanna banger to get the warmer season started, right? RIGHT.

So, here we have the second single from the upcoming R8 album. It’s called ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ and features some very touching lyrics, such as:

Bitch better have my money!
Y’all should know me well enough
Bitch better have my money!
Please don’t call me on my bluff
Pay me what you owe me
Ballin’ bigger than LeBron
Bitch, give me your money
Who y’all think y’all frontin’ on?
Like brrap, brrap, brrap

This is perfect since, you know, RiRi has been talking lately about how she wants the new album to really focus on the meaningful:


Anyhow, here the song is in all its glory:

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Looks like Rihanna finally learned something


Y’all know Rihanna is my queen – I love her music (don’t even tell me you won’t still be singing ‘Umbrella’ when you’re in the nursing home), I love her personality, etc. I don’t really love those hand tattoos, but no one’s perfect. What I’m really loving most lately is her new-found (and late-blooming) wisdom. Apparently taking a bit of time out of the spotlight has given her time to reflect on life, and she’s finally realized that she needs to treat herself better and not accepting other people not doing the same. Cough cough CHRIS BROWN cough cough.


“The more we respect ourselves the more men will respect us,” she says. “I have both sides to me and I think most women do. We are strong but they are very vulnerable as well.

“For me, I get very fierce and passionate about my career and about my family. But there are also things that make me become a little girl. Like, I love balloons, that definitely really brings out the little girl in me.”

Girllllll, we been tryin’ to tell you this shit since 2009! Better late than never. If it seems rather random that she’d be talking about this, it’s not, really – it was for an interview ahead of the release of the new animated feature Home, for which RiRi voices the lead character, Tip, and does the theme song. Anyway, so glad she’s realized that she needs to love herself more.

She’s even thinking about the future!

Although there are no plans to settle down anytime soon, she has said she’d like to be ‘a wife’ one day. Who would make for the perfect husband? She considers, “Someone who could tolerate my schedule; someone man enough to do that and not get scared because I don’t have a lot of time to offer.”

When she does have spare time, she prefers to keep it low key. “At home I’m pretty boring. I just lay on the couch and watch TV,” she says, although with whom the Barbadian singer is sharing the couch with remains unconfirmed.

I feel like me and Rihanna might be soulmates. Laying on the couch watching TV sounds like the only way I’d want to spend a marriage.

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Rihanna’s getting her own documentary


You’ve got to hand it to Rihanna. Despite not having done much of anything besides party and take some gorgeous photos for the past few years, she’s managed to maintain her status as one of the biggest celebrities in the world – that’s some staying power. And that status is about to be immortalized on film since RiRi is about to become the subject of her own feature-length documentary by Peter Berg.

From Deadline:

A contemporary take on the 1967 Bob Dylan rock doc Dont Look Back, the film is described as an “unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life and how she’s ascended to become a global icon.” Berg, who gave Rihanna her acting start with a role in his movie Battleship, said that he liked the idea of examining “a young artist at the top of her professional field” and that the project will be “much more a character study than a music film.”

Huh. I love me some Rihanna, so I’ll watch this. I’m not sure how I feel about it being a “character study” considering most of what RiRi seems to do is shop and get high, but shit, good for her, I guess.

Will you see it?

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