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Hugh Hefner’s Runaway Bride Is Back!

A photo of Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

A lot of things can happen in a year, you know? Blake Lively is on the fast track to marrying Ryan Reynolds, but this time last year, she was dating Leonardo DiCaprio, not to mention that she was right in the middle of that whole nude photo scandal. Likewise, Kim Kardashian is on the fast track to marrying Kanye West when just a year ago she was planning her wedding with Kris Humphries. Relationships can come and go just like a sultry summer wind, and if anybody knows that, it’s Hugh Hefner. Well, and Kim Kardashian, obviously.

But, if you’ll remember, last summer was supposed to be a special one for Hef. He was supposed to get married to Crystal Harris, but she left him a few days before the wedding and shacked up with Dr. Phil’s son. Last summer was crazy, wasn’t it? But like I said, a lot of things can happen in a year, so it shouldn’t be so surprising when I tell you that Hugh and Crystal are back together.

From People:

Crystal Harris, who left Hugh Hefner at the altar with a parting shot about his bedroom skills – calling him two-second man – is back at the Playboy mansion, and all seems good – for now.

“Yes I am his #1 girl again,” she Tweetedon Friday, confirming reports of a reconciliation. “Yes we are happy. Hope that clears up any confusion! Xo.”

Harris, 26, a onetime Playmate of the Month, and Hefner, 86, broke up in dramatic style in June 2011 with Harris calling off their wedding just days before the nuptials with 300 invited guests.

Hefner later expressed relief, saying, “I missed a bullet,” and Harris issued a half-apology for her comments to Howard Stern about Hef’s sexual skills.

Well, we’ll see, I guess. I don’t know, I’ve just always been under the impression that if a relationship doesn’t work the first time around, it’s probably not going to work the second time (OR THE NINTH OR TENTH TIME, PEOPLE WHO LIVE ABOVE ME. He always screams about how “I do all this shit for you, Kayla,” and by “all this shit,” I guess he means stomping around for 22 hours of the day and yelling at her constantly and testing out the new speakers in his douchey car by blasting shitty music right outside my window). Maybe that’s because my parents got divorced twice, or maybe it’s because I helped document Sinead O’Connor’s wacky relationship, but I just think that for the most part, if it’s not going to work, then it’s just not going to work.

But hey, do you think they’ll try to have another wedding?