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Blake Lively

Blake Lively Speaks!: ‘I want to enjoy this moment”

blake lively ryan reynolds

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Violet, just before the new year. But so far, we haven’t heard anything from Blake herself. How’s it being a mom? Are you “over the moon” with your new baby, as most celeb parents always say they are? Well, yeah, she is… but she’s also feeling quite contemplative about the experience… and mainly thinking about having a whole brood of kids.

Blake Lively says she has “always felt like a mama” – and now that she actually is one, the role feels natural.

“I don’t feel like it’s a massive change,” she tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s cover story.

“I do want to just enjoy this moment,” she says. “But I also feel like my first child is going to be the oldest sibling to the next kid, and that may change with each and every year.

“I’m looking forward to how one baby influences the other, and to my family as a whole, to every single chapter.”

Well that… means nothing. I mean, I get what she’s going for – she wants a shit ton of kids and wonders if they’re gonna be messed up and follow patterns of being oldest children, middle children, yada yada. The way she’s expressing it, though… I mean, she was almost better off saying nothing at all.

But uh… yay, babies?

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Blake Lively named her daughter…

blake lively

Blake Livelygave birth to her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds late last month, and there’s one question on no one’s everyone’s mind: WHAT DID SHE NAME THE BABY, FOR GOD’S SAKE?!

It’d be helpful to know that Blake had a daughter, so we’re only looking for girls’ names, here. Many thought it would be something outlandish, totally unique and over-the-top. It’s not at all – instead, she ganked it from Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. That’s right, Blake’s daughter’s name is Violet.

The news wasn’t announced by the parents themselves or anything. Unfortunately it was a nurse at Westchester hospital, who accidentally leaked the info via Twitter… and then realized she was likely in big trouble for doing so:

blake lively baby

blake lively baby

Oh dear.

I do think the name Violet is cute, though. Not too out there, sorta classic. I’m actually pretty impressed. We dodged a bullet there, Blake!

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Blake Lively gave birth and we’re only just finding out about it

blake lively ryan reynolds

Goop Jr., otherwise known as Blake Lively, only announced that she was pregnant with her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds back in October. For this reason, it probably comes as a slight shock that she’s already given birth – in fact, she did so just before the New Year, and we’re only just finding out about it.

It was Page Six that got the “exclusive” details, which just amounted to the fact that Blake gave birth at home in Bedford, NY and that the baby was a bit early, but everyone is healthy and just fine. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, what the child’s name is or anything else. I mean, we don’t particularly care, but we wouldn’t know even if we wanted to.

In all seriousness, congrats to them and glad everything’s okay.

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Blake Lively And Martha Stewart Are Friends


Martha Stewart was rumored to have been throwing shade at Blake Lively for trying to “be like her”, but the two appear to be friends, even motorcycle buddies. Or at least, husband Ryan Reynolds and Ms. Stewart are motorcycle buddies. Ms. Lively made an appearance at Ms. Stewart’s Third Annual American Made Summit and discussed how BFF-y they are, saying, (via PEOPLE):

When we met Martha, she was like, ‘I’ll ride motorcycles with you, Ryan.’ That’s the only woman that can creep up on my man and I would be okay with it.

Well that’s just super. I’m sorry, but I am so over Ms. Blake Antebellum America Lively. And so over her website. I much prefer the version where Martha Stewart is throwing shade all over Blake Lively, because, let’s be real, that is way more entertaining than hearing Lively joke about Martha Stewart taking her man and playing nice. Stewart even introduced Lively as her “friend and neighbor.” I hope that’s just for appearance’s sake and she really is annoyed with Blake Lively and her blog, like most of us. Maybe I’m just too grumpy though.

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Blake Lively finds fashion inspiration from slaveowners

Blake Lively recently announced her pregnancy on her lifestyle website Preserve, which is a lovely occasion worth celebration. Something NOT worth celebration? Her recent ode to the “Southern belle” and her seeming ignorance over, you know, the fact that Antebellum America was not a great place for black people, who were largely enslaved.

Here’s her description of the fashion spread:

Georgia peaches, sweet tea, and the enticement of a smooth twang…we all love a bit of southern charm. These regional mainstays, along with an innate sense of social poise, evoke an unparalleled warmth and authenticity in style and tradition.

The term “Southern Belle” came to fruition during the Antebellum period (prior to the Civil War), acknowledging women with an inherent social distinction who set the standards for style and appearance. These women epitomized Southern hospitality with a cultivation of beauty and grace, but even more with a captivating and magnetic sensibility. While at times depicted as coy, these belles of the ball, in actuality could command attention with the ease of a hummingbird relishing a pastoral bloom.

Like the debutantes of yesteryear, the authenticity and allure still ring true today. Hoop skirts are replaced by flared and pleated A-lines; oversized straw toppers are transformed into wide-brimmed floppy hats and wool fedoras.

The prowess of artful layering -the southern way- lies in inadvertent combinations. From menswear-inspired overcoats to the fluidity of soft flowing separates, wrap yourself up in tactile layers that elicit a true sense of seasonal lure.

No doubt there are many beautiful, charming things about the South both geographically and in its people and traditions. However, to completely ignore pre-Civil War relations and instead focus on the fact that ladies were ~real ladies~ for the sake of fashion and faux-artisan bullshit is pretty tasteless. Maybe hit pause on that one, Blake.

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Blake Lively is pregnant with Ryan Reynolds’ baby

blake lively pregnant

It’s Blake Lively‘s time to “preserve” her baby registry, because she and husband Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first child! (That was bad, but go with it.) Of course, she shared the news on her lifestyle blog, Preserve. I’d love to paste the whole thing for you, but apparently people are crashing the website with the insane amounts of traffic from people wanting to know all about the organic, home-grown, artisan baby brewing in Blake’s stomach.

Here’s part of it, though:

“With family on our mind, we looked to the origin of it all, to the women in our lives who are right there, at that special moment; at the creation of the family.”

This was a sneak peek into the fact that Preserve apparently plans to cover women celebrating the next chapter in their lives. She didn’t say much about the actual pregnancy, she just shared the photo of her baby bump, which you can see above.

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Blake Lively got attacked by bees. Lots of bees.

blake lively

Blake Lively just turned 27, but it seems her “bee-day” was a less than happy one because she was attacked by thousands of them while shooting content for her lifestyle website, Preserve… which is where she shared the following story:

I spent the week leading up to my big day shooting content for Preserve’s coming months. (I can’t wait to share what we captured with you.) Just yesterday, the final day of the shoot, I felt an electric shock of energy– was it excitement that I was about to turn another year older? Was it nerves? Why did it feel like agony? I like getting older… I think.

But this felt terrible. Does your butt quite suddenly (and painfully) deflate when you turn 27? Because mine hurt like hell …then my neck, back, legs and forehead. And oh my hands! They were shriveling. It felt like I was being shot by dozens of tiny invisible darts. I felt like the Wicked Witch, melting, melting, burning, melting.

As it happens, I wasn’t being greeted by the onset of spontaneous aging, but rather a full-fledged bee day. Attacked. All over. Everywhere.

I don’t know enough about insects to say if they were wasps, honeybees or Mother Nature’s miniature flying tasers. What I DO know, is that just moments before we were in the midst of a gorgeous fall fashion shoot. Now, I was a Monty Python sketch; running at top speed in no particular direction, whipping my arms and h ands around like I’d just discovered they were growing out of my shoulders without my previous knowledge. There was a terrible sound piercing the air too… I was later informed this sound had emanated from my very own mouth. I’d prefer to never hear it again. Along with everybody else on the East Coast.

I was shaken. I was swollen. I had to stop what I was doing to recuperate and/or shrink.

In case you just can’t bear not knowing what happened next, Blake apparently “looked for the nearest vanilla cake and decorated it”, because I suppose if you’re rich and famous, you just have vanilla cakes sitting around all the time.

I know literally next to nothing about Blake Lively, so can any of you shed light on whether she’s always been this fucking smarmy? She’s making Gwyneth Paltrow look tame, here. Make it stop.

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