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Sinead O’Connor Is Back with Her Husband Again

A photo of Sinead O'Connor

AGAIN, you guys! How many times is this going to happen? I didn’t even think you could have an on-again, off-again marriage, did you? But if anyone could prove me wrong on that, it’s Sinead O’Connor, because, according to her always glorious tweets, the happy couple has reunited. Again.

Yay. My sweet husband is coming home. Very happy girl. Must get pretty-fied by 8pm. Thank u God. Me love me sweet husband so bad. Yay!! : )

Sorry if too much info or too personal.. Just.. Me so happy. Wus sad without him. Love him rotten bad. So me all happy now.. Hurray!!!

YES I me happy!! Me nuh marry the man fi nuttin. Luv ‘im BAD. A true what God put together f*ck all can destroy

At least, I think she’s saying that she’s getting back together with her husband. Deciphering Sinead’s tweets is a science. A really really difficult science. For crazies.

Anyway, this makes the second time that she’s changed her mind about getting a divorce. To help make this a little more clear, I’ve put together a rough little timeline of Sinead’s current relationship. Ready?

– August 20, 2011: Sinead posts a blog entry on her website titled “Is Sinead About to Hump Her Truck?” and announces that she is “in desperate need of a very sweet sex-starved man.”

– October 21, 2011: Sinead announces that the search is off “as successful applicant has been appointed.”

– December 8, 2011: Sinead marries her boyfriend, Barry.

– December 26, 2011: Sinead announces that she and Barry are no longer together.

– January 4, 2012: Sinead announces that she and her husband are back together.

– January 11, 2012: Sinead receives psychiatric help after tweeting that she was in serious danger and needed to go back on her meds.

– January 13, 2012: Sinead blogs about her “innocent flower of a husband,” says the marriage is off again, claims that she will never be in another relationship again.

– January 17, 2012: Sinead checks herself into a hospital to receive treatment for depression, checks out three days later.

– January 25, 2012: Sinead tweets that her husband is coming home.

That exhausted me, just recapping everything, so I can’t imagine what it must be like to have lived it. Sinead’s crazy is going to have to settle down sometime soon, because it doesn’t seem like she can carry on like this forever. At least, I hope not.

Speaking of Sinead’s crazy, she has been tweeting while I’ve been blogging, and she just dropped this little bombshell:

Sinead O’Connor is now officially the happiest woman on earth. Thanks be to JAYSUS! And will from ten a.m Be protecting her tweets

Oh no. She’s saying that no one involved with the media will be allowed to view her tweets and that “any tweets appearing in papers will be traced and perpetrator blocked.” The good news is that I’m pretty certain that I won’t have any trouble sneaking in, and I doubt she’s referring to us friendly bloggers when she mentions that blocking business. The bad news is that now I’m going to have to have Sinead’s nonsensical, horribly written words all over my home page. The sacrifices I make for you guys, you wouldn’t believe.

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