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Sinead O’Connor Had A Breakdown on Twitter

A photo of Sinead O'Connor

After Sinead O’Connor went and got married to a man she’d known for a couple of months, announced she was getting divorced a couple of weeks after that, then reunited with her husband a few weeks after THAT, many of us came to the conclusion that perhaps Sinead needed to consider the possibility that she might need to seek out some psychiatric help. It was just so obvious that this woman was mentally unstable, wasn’t it?

Well, luckily for Sinead and everyone close to her, she finally realized this herself, and today she hopped on Twitter to discuss these issues. It was intense, a little scary, and very sad, but it has a happy ending, I promise!

i realise i will be in trouble 4 doing this but.. ireland is a VERY hard place to find help in. So having tried other ways 1st im asking does any1 know a psychiatrist in dublin or wicklow who could urgently see me today please? im really un-well… and in danger.

the sindo article about them trying to lose barry his job and every1 being shit to him 4 marrying me has spun me off and im ill and i desperately need to get back on meds today. am in serious danger. please e mail me at if u know or are a psychiatrist who can help me today… dont tweet i b away from computer i broke ankle have to go casualty pls.. can any psychiatrist see me today an get me back on meds an help me without me having to go hospital?

me dont wanna leave me kids. or f*ck up me work. im sorry worrying any1.. is just am sick and ireland shit for finding help cant think of any other way

That’s the scary and sad part, right?  But she came back about nine hours later, and this is what she had to say:

hey.. wanna thank all SO much for such great help today. have a number of numbers, contacts, etc now and appointments

spoke to some great psych docs u all put me on to, gonna meet a few.. but had go hos as fractured ankle (Good work funny ways)

so they wus fab help too.. but u all amazing to send numbers and ideas and i love u all so much for that and am feeling much better

so me start meds for few weeks just they say to lift out of apres marital abuse of inoccent hubby by nasty ppl depression

hard if u see someone u love bein hurt cus of u is all.. fux self esteem.. which aint always massive for any of us.. anyway thank u all SO much. especially too i wanna thank hospitals tahat contacted and said well done for tweeting and reachng out.. they said very important no am not to be bothered if anyone gives hard time.. so guys… do reach out.. however u have to.. it works. thank u SO much.

back to jokes an fun tomorrow

Wow.  Obviously it’s wonderful that Sinead found the help that she needed and is on meds now, but … wow.

So how are you feeling about Sinead these days?

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  • Not to be mean, but I really think she neeeds to shut up and keep this shit to herself. Or herself and the people close to her. I wouldn’t put that stuff on Facebook, which is only seen by my average person friends, much less put it out for the press and people all over the world to see. I’m surprised that her husband is still employed, and she will have a lot of explaining to do in the future once she is out of whatever state she is in currently. Also, I’ve never lived in Ireland, but what’s the deal with the psychiatrist? Why can’t she get a referral? Or don’t they have phone books there?

  • I have always loved her music, but have always winced after hearing about how, well, crazy her private life has been. Sinead has been all over the map for years. I think the fact that she shares such intensely personal information with potentially MILLIONS of people is a strong indication that she is not mentally stable. I agree with pufinstuf-it is time for a psychiatrist, in fact, long overdue.
    I know nothing about the health care system in Ireland, although I heard from a friend who is an “expert” on health care systems worldwide that Ireland was “not a place to get sick”.
    But, Sinead has money, so she can seek help outside the nationalized system and pay for it herself (as many people in the US do already!) As for any stigma against mental illness in Ireland, I am sure the cat is out of the bag re: Sinead. I think any efforts she would take to seek professional help would be supported by those close to her, and all of her fans and non-fans.

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