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It Looks Like Will and Jada Are A-OK!

A photo of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith

Is it just me, or did it seem like the impending divorce between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith was all we heard about last summer? Like, I remember seeing blind item after blind item about these two, all about how Will and Jada were both bearding for each other, and all these rumors about custody battles and break up announcements and so many things. Surely other important things happened last summer, right? There had to be something else … right. Courtney Stodden happened last summer. It’s all coming back now.

But the point is that for all we heard about this divorce, it never happened. And not only did it never happen, but Will and Smith seem to be doing super together, based on this sweet little song that Jada did for Will on Valentine’s Day!

She posted the song on her Facebook, along with this little note:

With the major losses we have experienced in the last few weeks we should remember our lives are worth living fully. Therefore our risks are worthy. Our mistakes are worthy. Our traumas are worthy as well. The very paths we are told not to tread are the paths that hold the keys to our deepest understanding of love for our lives and ourselves. Self love is the gateway to truly loving another…deeply. We were born to be loved and to love fiercely.

Will, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day. This is for you.

And here’s the song, “Burn.”

Did you like it? Because I kind of like it quite a bit. I’m a total sap though, so it’s really no surprise. I’m just glad that Will and Jada seem to be doing so well though, because after Seal and Heidi, my heart really can’t take another big break up. I mean, I know that Will Smith is supposed to be this big douchebag and all, but if he walks around without his wedding ring and obnoxious ass yellow fingernail polish, my childhood will be ruined, along with what’s left of my belief in true love. So if you disagree about the state of this relationship, please just leave it be, ok? At least until I can listen to this song and weep a few more times.

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