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Jada Pinkett Smith

4Are Will And Jada Done?

photo of will smith and jada pinkett pictures

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith may be divorcing. That is, if you believe it means anything to stop wearing your wedding band in public. According to Popstop TV, Jada was spotted at the Make Equality Reality without her ring (and with a new haircut!)

Okay now personally, I’ve thought they’ve been over for a verrrrry long time. There was that whole, we’re in an open marriage no wait we’re not, thing. They were rumored to have been broken up back in 2011. I bet they did break up and are together for appearances.

What do you think? Are they together or not?

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November 6, 2013 at 5:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

5Will Smith Totally Didn’t Push His Kids Into Showbiz

will smith

Will Smith and his family are LOADED, make no mistake. Not only are he and Jada making bank, but now both kids (sorry – “mini adults”) are “in showbiz”. I put that in quotes because they’re not really doing any particular thing – at least not Jaden; Willow‘s been whipping her hair back and forth for a few years now. One might think that it was Will and Jada’s influence that made the kids want to follow in their parents’ footsteps, but he wants you to know that’s not the case – he never pressured them into the industry!

From Vulture:

“It may seem like we have pushed our kids into the business, but that is absolutely insane. I would never, ever, push somebody to have their face on a poster that’s going be everywhere in the world. He is making a choice from the informed. It’s less scary to me than if he wanted to be a dentist in that I couldn’t help with what he’d chosen. I have relationships with some of the biggest filmmakers and actors and producers on Earth. So I can be a huge help.

Willow chose singing and then un-chose it. She said, “Daddy, I want to go to school with my friends during the week, and I want to hang out with them on the weekends.” At the peak of “Whip My Hair,” she’s like, “Daddy, I’m done.” I was like, “Wow, wow, wow. No, baby, I got Annie [the upcoming movie remake, co-produced by Jay-Z], you know. It’ll be New York, you’ll be with Beyoncé. You can bring your friends.” And she said, “Daddy, I got a better idea. How about I just be 12?” At the end of the day, it has to be their choice.”

Well, fair enough, though I bet he wasn’t all that happy that Willow chose to back out. Good for her, though – she actually seems like a pretty cool kid and it takes a pretty mature one to be like, “Nah, not trying to be famous right now, I’m good.” As for Jaden, he’s just insufferable.

May 29, 2013 at 11:30 am by Jennifer

4Will Smith Treats His Kids Like They’re Already Adults

will smith family

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have a way kewl and modern approach to parenting Willow & Jaden: treat them like adults! They may end up with a completely warped view of reality and might even want to emancipate themselves prior to reaching legal age, but, by golly, won’t you be smiled upon in the parenting community!

From Haute Living (what is this? I can’t):

We respect our children the way we would respect any other person. Things like cleaning up their room. You would never tell a full-grown adult to clean their room, so we don’t tell our kids to clean their rooms. Actually, we tell our kids ‘you don’t have a room, that’s our room and we are letting you borrow it.’ So the same way you would say to an adult if you let them use car, you say, ‘Yo man, clean my car! Don’t drive around all filthy like that!’ And it’s perfectly reasonable for you to want an adult to clean your car, so we feel it’s perfectly reasonable to ask our kids to clean the rooms that we are letting them use.

Alright, that I can get down with. However, there are going to be times your 14-year-old gives you shit because they don’t feel like doing what you’ve asked them to do and they don’t give you the same respect you give them, and that’s when you have to lay down the law. But Will’s laying it down in a different way: by totally embarrassing Jaden over those emancipation rumours.

Yeah, that was a joke! I made a joke. He is definitely not going anywhere; he is so scared of being out on his own. Willow is probably going to be emancipated before Jaden! I think I was in Tokyo where I made a joke that if he has a day where his movie is bigger than one of mine then there’s no reason for him to live in my house. His 15th birthday is coming up so he can probably be emancipated.

I don’t really get the joke, but whatevs. This whole family is meant to come off as so likeable and together, but there’s something just bizarre of them. You know, besides their massively inflated egos and the weird marriage shit.

May 23, 2013 at 10:30 am by Jennifer

11Will Smith’s Kid Is Crazy Spoiled; Wants To Be Emancipated

will smith jaden smith after earth

Will Smith and Jada have an approach to parenting that is different from most. In that they don’t really parent. I say this because parenting requires setting boundaries with your children and punishing them when necessary. Unless you’re Will Smith’s kids in which, WHEEEEE! Here’s his parenting philosophy (via Radaronline):

We generally don’t believe in punishmentFrom the time Jaden was five or six, we would sit him down, and all he has to do is be able to explain why what he did was the right thing for his life. I think it’s a much more difficult question to ask someone —’Why was that right?’ — than to try to show them why it was wrong. Nobody wants to be wrong, all parts of yourself fight like crazy to not be wrong. So I’ll say to Jaden, ‘Why was that the right thing to do for your life?’ and if he can explain why kicking his sister in the chest was the right thing to do, we can see to it that he understands that it wasn’t so smart.

LOL 5 YEAR-OLDS DO NOT HAVE THAT KIND OF RATIONAL THOUGHT, THAT’S WHY THEY’RE 5 AND THAT’S WHY YOU’RE AN ADULT. Oh my God. No wonder his kid, Jaden, thinks he can handle life on his own at the upcoming age of 15:

He says, ‘Dad, I want to be emancipated.’ I know if we do this, he can be an emancipated minor, because he really wants to have his own place, like ‘Ooh.’ That’s the backlash. On the other side, if kids just want to have command of their lives, I understand.

What? What are you even talking about?

God I can’t stand this family. Their kids were given everything on a silver platter. They didn’t have to do a damn thing to get careers and major acting roles and record deals. They did zero things but exist. Jaden sat down and chatted with the mother effing President of the United States. Do you think he even realizes that this is not a normal childhood experience? I hope they know how lucky they are.

Go ahead, come at me. I’m not budging on this one.

May 14, 2013 at 4:30 am by Catherine St. Ives

11Jada Insists She and Will Smith Do Not Have An Open Marriage; Millions Continue Not To Care

Jada Pinket Smith and Will Smith have been married for 16 years and in those years they’ve endured a lot of gossip, from her being gay to multiple rumors of them being divorced. Now apparently people are saying they have an open marriage. I think we’re at the point though where no one cares. Or maybe it’s just me.

In an interview on HuffPo Live, Ms. Smith addressed these open marriage rumors.

I’ve always told Will, ‘You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay’. Because at the end of the day, Will is his own man. I’m here as his partner, but he is his own man. He has to decide who he wants to be and that’s not for me to do for him. Or vice versa.

Hm, interesting approach to marriage. I’m not being snarky either. “You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay” is a great approach to life. Next time I think about if it’s okay to eat 6 slices of pizza, Jada’s words will be in my head. Ms. Smith has more no-nonsense marriage talk:

I don’t think it’s easy to be married to anyone. I think that you have to go into a relationship knowing — especially when you’re dedicating yourself to someone for the rest of your life — this is a life partnership … He’s my best friend. He’s been by my side through some of the most difficult parts of my life. And so that’s something you can never take away.

Those are all damn fine points.

So what do you think? What do you make of Jada’s answer, of, “[He] can do whatever [he] wants as long as [he] can look at [himself] in the mirror and be okay”?

April 4, 2013 at 5:30 pm by Catherine St. Ives

12Jada Pinkett Smith Wonders About Women Leaving Their Husbands For Lesbian Partners In Their 40s

jada pinkett smith

Jada Pinkett Smith has always seemed like a closeted lesbian to me, and her marriage to Will Smith has been rumoured to be a sham pretty much since it began. Of course, I (and everyone else born with functioning eyes and brains) could be wrong, and that’s just fine, but interestingly enough, Jada took to her Facebook page earlier this month to question aloud why so many of “her friends” are embarking on lesbian relationships as they hit their 40s.

Take it away, Jada:

Before I begin…I want to make one thing clear. It’s important that you know that I believe love comes in ALL forms. I believe a person should love WHOMEVER…HOWEVER they choose. But…I do have a question.

In the last month, three women, in their 40s, coming out of long term relationships with men have confided in me that they now feel that their last resort for companionship is that with a woman. These are women who have never engaged in or even desired to be in intimate relationships with other women. Now these women feel as though they have no other option. It seems as if there is a spike in same sex love all around. What is changing in which how men and women are relating to one another, that is creating same sex love as a LAST RESORT for heterosexual women?


Methinks, once again as it always is in situations like this, that the lady doth protest too much. To say that you support all types of relationships and then to use language that’s obviously attempts to cheapen or disregard certain ones (“last resort for companionship”?) is ridonk. There are lots of reasons women (or men!) might not come into themselves sexually – or at least be able to express physically what they’ve always known about themselves – until they are older. Especially when there are people in the world who would discriminate against you, hate you or at the very least talk shit about your life as if they had to live it if you were to come out and be honest about the fact that, hey! you’re a woman who loves another woman or a man who loves a man. What the hell difference does it make? It’s 2013, but I sometimes feel like it’s f-cking caveman times.

Also, how in the world does Jada know if a woman has ever desired to be with another woman? Like this chick knows everyone’s deepest desire of their souls? Newsflash: If they only just felt confident embarking on these new relationships, chances are they kept the desire secret for many years, or they would have done it sooner. Obviously there are the experimenters (I’ve known my share) but that’s a college thing, not a mid-life crisis thing.

I would never force someone out of the closet before they were ready, but if it put Jada on the path to self-acceptance and made her stop talking utter nonsense, I’d be all for it.

March 14, 2013 at 9:30 am by Jennifer
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