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Jada Pinkett Smith Is Not Will Smith’s Watcher

jada pinkett smith will smith

There have been soooooo many rumours flying around over the years about Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith‘s marriage. Many of those rumours have been about the fact that Jada and/or Will are both gay and bearding for each other, while others have been about Will cheating nonstop. Jada addressed the latter on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show yesterday (via US Weekly), saying she’s not really worried about all that because after all, he’s a grown ass man and she’s not a babysitter.

“We have traveled and you’ve gotta be strong. It takes work — you know that! Here’s the deal, Howard. You’ve gotta trust who you’re with. And at the end of the day, right, I’m not here to be anybody’s watcher. I’m not his watcher. He’s a grown man.”

“Here’s what I trust: The man that Will is… is a man of integrity. He’s got all the freedom in the world. As long as Will can look himself the mirror and be okay? I’m good.”

“When you can look in your man’s eyes and know that he’s holding you down and that he loves you. Here’s what’s real: I’m not the kind of woman that believes a man is not going to be attracted to another woman.”

“Just because a man is attracted to another woman does not mean that he does not love you. And it doesn’t mean that he’s going to act on it. If your man isn’t going to see another woman’s beauty, how the heck is he going to see yours?”

I mean, I can’t figure out if these two are just geniuses when it comes to relationship or utterly full of shit. My cynical side says the latter, but I dunno, guys. Could they possibly be the real deal?!

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Will Smith lost his mind when no one went to see ‘After Earth’

after earth

Will Smith has done pretty well for himself, I’d say. An extremely successful TV and movie career that spans a few decades? Good going, dude. You’re rich! Life is good! But they can’t all be winners. Take his 2013 film After Earth, which starred Will and his crazy ass kid Jaden. That one sorta bombed at the box office, and its failure made Will nearly lost his damn mind.

From People:

“For me, this film really marks a transition in my life and emotionally and in my career,” Smith said Sunday during a press conference for Focus at The Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, California.

“After the failure of After Earth, a thing got broken in my mind. I was like, ‘Oh, wow. I’m still alive. Oh, wow. Actually, I still am me, even though the movie didn’t open number one. Wait. I can still get hired on another movie.’ ”

“I realized that I still was a good person,” Smith, 46, said. “So when I went into Focus, I completely released the concept of goal orientation and got into path orientation. This moment, this second, these people, this interaction … It is a huge relief for me to not care whether or not Focus is number one or number 10 at the box office.”

Uh.. wow. I suppose Will’s story isn’t all that unique and I bet a bunch of Hollywood actors lose their minds when their films don’t do well – especially if you’re used to being super successful and are dealing with failure rarely. However, he needs to get a damn grip. Did After Earth‘s failure rally impact his life? He could still pay his bills (and the bills of half of California, I imagine), so he needs to chill.

After Earth just looked like it sucked, anyway. Can anyone confirm?

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Is this Will Smith dancing on a Segway at Burning Man?

will smith

Will Smith‘s kids are super weird, so it’s no surprise that the apples may not fall far from the tree and they may actually get it from their father. Will shared on his Instagram page that he was headed to Burning Man, and once he got there, someone posted a video of what appears to be him and a mini entourage doing a choreographed dance (?) on Segways. I don’t know, either:

I don’t really “get” Burning Man or Will Smith, so this whole thing is just completely over my head, and I think I prefer it that way.

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Willow and Jaden Smith sleep with snakes, apparently

willow smith jaden smith

Look, I get that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are supposed to be the “cool parents” – like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls – when it comes to raising Jaden and Willow Smith, but something’s gotta give, here. These kids are fucking WEIRD, way too grown for their own good and will either need serious counseling to become functional adults or they’ll just go off the rails and live in some wilderness commune as they wait for Xenu to come back and rescue them on his spaceship.

The latest from the Smith camp is that apparently Willow and Jaden are “obsessed” with snakes, to the point that they sleep with them every single night.

“Willow is obsessed with snakes,” a source tells Us Weekly, adding that Jaden, 15, “cuddles” with them in bed.

“She has 10 sleeping in her room,” the source adds of the 13-year-old, “and some aren’t in cages!” She isn’t the only Smith family member who adores the serpents. Her brother Jaden refers to his sister’s pets as his “girlfriends,” the insider tells Us. “They slither into his bed and curl up with him!”

Apparently the snake love has become a family affair, as even Jada told Redbook:

“I’ve always loved snakes but was afraid of them,” she told Redbook magazine. “But Willow had wanted this one snake forever. She’d go into the pet store and pick it up and wrap it around her. I’d never touched a snake before, and I put out my hand, and Beauty [mimics the snake slithering up her arm]. I’ve been in love with her ever since. I said to Willow, ‘You did Mommy a big favor. You helped me overcome a fear.’”

Welp… okay then.

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Will & Jada Pinkett Smith don’t care if Willow Smith is in bed with a 20-year-old

willow smith moises arias

Willow Smith is only 13 years old, but it seems like young madam is growing up a bit before her time. Because parents Will & Jada Pinkett Smith are “cool” Mom & Dad, there don’t seem to be many rules in place when it comes to what she can and can’t do, which is why the above photo – which shows Willow in bed with 20-year-old Hannah Montana star Moises Arias, is really no big deal to them. I wasn’t even allowed to have a boy set foot inside my bedroom at 13 (though my mother was certainly misguided in her worries, lolz), so this seems extra insane to me.

From TMZ:

Sources connected to the Smith family tell TMZ … Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith believe their daughter is “very mature” … enough so to make her own decisions, as long as they don’t clearly cross the line.

The Smiths have known Moises for years, and he’s best friends with 15-year-old Jaden.

Bottom line … Will and Jada have NO issue with the pic.

Newsflash: no matter how “mature” your 13-year-old daughter is, she’s a child, not an adult, and she is not capable of making fully rational and intelligent decisions about what she does and does not do sexually. I mean, seriously? Sure, maybe this dude is just a “family friend” and this is totally harmless, but it all just seems inappropriate as hell to me. Kids are too damn grown.

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Margot Robbie Tweets That Will Smith Affair Rumors Are “Ridiculous”


Margot Robbie, despite being in some very inappropriate photos with co-star Will Smith, calls rumors/speculation of an affair, “ridiculous.” Really, Ms. Robbie? It’s ridiculous to think that something’s going on considering y’all are pretty cozy and you’re lifting up your shirt with a dude who’s married? Of those photos (above) she tweeted,

Been working non-stop, just catching my breath. There’s absolutely no truth to the ridiculous rumor in Star mag…

…It’s disappointing that goofing around on set could be taken so out of context.

Y’all can’t be that dumb/naive. You knew exactly what would happen.

I’m not buying it.

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What Is Up With Will Smith And Margot Robbie?


Will and Jada are currently dodging divorce rumors, and these latest photos of Will Smith with actress Margot Robbie do not help. As you can see above, Star magazine posted these photos of Mr. Smith and Ms. Robbie lifting their shirts up, and looking very cozy. However, as you can also see above, they declared Anne Hathaway is pregnant, which she is not. So who knows based on this if Will is cheating on Jada or not, and if he is, if it’s with Robbie. As for these photos, I’m not sure what’s going on, but I think Will Smith doesn’t know what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

But what do you think?

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