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Heidi Klum Reminds Us Why Tattoos Can Be Very Bad Ideas

heidi klum seal tattoo

Heidi Klum is deleting ex husband Seal. Or, more specifically, her tattoo of his name. She was spotted strolling around NYC’s village area with her kids and a much noticeably lighter tattoo. You can see traces of it in the above photo. Here’s People‘s before/after photo and ~~the story~~.

heidi klum before after

In 2008, Klum, 40, referred to an abstract permanent design on her right inner arm as a commemoration of vow renewal with her singer husband.

“It was our fourth wedding, and we wanted to have our names tattooed together,” the America’s Got Talent judge – who is now dating her bodyguard, Martin Kirsten – said of her body art at the time. “So it’s my husband’s name and our three children – their initials, in the [three] stars.”

Now, Klum, who filed for divorce from Seal, 50, in April 2012 after seven years of marriage, “is in the process of getting her tattoo removed [...] she’s been through a few treatments,” says e source. “The stars with her children’s initials will stay intact.”

And this is why you don’t get a tattoo of your significant other’s name. Who reading this has made Ms. Klum’s mistake? I want to hear about it. Are you getting it removed? Does it really hurt? How many treatments will it take? Do you wish you’d never gotten it?

Johnny Depp knew how to do tattoo removal right. When he broke up with Winona Ryder, he changed his “Winona Forever” tattoo to “Wino Forever.” The man is a genius.

Heidi Klum Isn’t Engaged To The Help Yet, Still Just Banging Him

heidi klum martin kristen

Heidi Klum started screwing the help after her kiss from the rose that is Seal ended a couple of years back, and rumours have been rampant that the very Scandinavian life-saving duo are engaged since they’re both walking around with rings from Tiffany & Co lately. Still, don’t be so sure – Heidi basically said they’ve got the rings because she and Martin Kristen are rich and have nothing better to spend money on, NOT because they’re planning to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

From Yahoo! OMG:

“There’s no engagement. I did get a present from my boyfriend. He did give me a ring and he has the same.

“I am not engaged. I am not planning to get married anytime soon. It’s just a beautiful piece of jewelry. Just something nice.”

“I am happy. It is always hard to find the right partner and you just never know in the beginning.”

I don’t know why that strikes me as funny, but I love Heidi Klum’s suspicion about her partners. You never know in the beginning? What, like, if your partner is a homicidal maniac? Anyway, you heard the woman: no wedding yet.

Oh So You Mean Heidi Klum is Fornicating With the Help?

Heidi Klum was yesterday’s guest on Katie Couric’s new show, Katie, and remember how Seal was all pissed off that his not-yet-ex-wife was “caught” fornicating with the help? Well apparently, Seal’s not-yet-ex-wife was fornicating with the help. From the mouth of Heidi:

“He’s been with our family for the last four years. He’s cared for our entire family, mostly for our four children, helped us tremendously. I trust him with my children’s life. He’s a great man, you know, and we just got to know each other from a completely different side. It [the relationship] just started.”

The “he” in question is Martin Kristen, who is Heidi’s personal bodyguard, and yes, they are f-cking. Heidi says about Seal’s accusations:

“Yes, he [Seal] has a very unique choice of words. I’m used to them. I don’t know. I don’t love that. Obviously, it’s not true. I’ve never looked at another man while I was with him. And it’s hard when you think that he thinks that, you don’t know … he was hurt … He’s moved on. When we separated he’s moved on and so have I. And it’s very hard when you start seeing somebody again, you know. All of a sudden. It’s hard then when everyone is watching you. It’s almost like you can’t have a real proper chance in a way. And I do want to date again. I’m turning 40. I don’t even know where it’s [the new relationship] going to go.”

So Seal was all pissed off when he found out that Heidi had moved on so quickly, and threw her under the bus. Then, when confronted by Heidi, Seal changed his tune, saying, “Yeah, no, Heidi didn’t cheat on me (that I’m, like, aware of), and what I meant is that she didn’t wait to move on ’til we were officially divorced.” But last I checked, neither did Seal, so … Whatever, Seal. Just whatever.