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Blind Items: Revealed!

Every now and then in the comments of a delightful little blind item, one of you will say “but what’s the point? We don’t even know who this is about!” And that’s fair: it can be frustrating to read some little piece of gossip that’s so intriguing but to not even know who you’re reading about. But you guys, sometimes those blind items get revealed. Sometimes we find out the answer. And this is one of those times.

Let’s get started by talking about a blind item that you’ve heard about here. Do you remember the one about a singer who turned into a “hot disheveled mess” who drinks way too much and keeps a baby monitor on her at all times so that her bodyguard can hear if she starts to die? Yeah, that one is Christina Aguilera. Nailed it.

You want to read more, don’t you?

Of course you do, it’s too much fun not to read!

I guess this actress is a B list by name recognition, but if we are going by acting talent it would be a Z. OK, maybe that is an exaggeration. How about an S. Anyway, she also does some other things that make her some money, and she is probably more well known for them than her acting. Our actress recently bought a huge mansion with a really large price tag. Living large right? Well, it turns out that our actress got most of the money for the purchase from an A list ex. He is guaranteeing the loan and also put up most of the down payment. The ex was thrilled that she bought a place so close to his. I think he is expecting way more than for her to repay him the money.

That’s Jennifer Lopez and P Diddy, you guys! Diddy bought J Lo’s house so she would have sex with him!

This A list movie actress who got her start way back in the day on television and then did some more along the way, let it slip the other day that she and her always a B list (for one role in particular) movie actor husband have not had sex in almost five years. It is kind of ironic if you think about it.

This one is Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. No wonder she hates her husband, right?

This B+/A list movie actress kept people waiting at an event for her for almost 30 minutes. Why? She was busy yelling at her assistant for not bringing the right shoes and made her assistant go back and get them. Oh, the best part? The audience would only be able to see her feet for the 10 seconds it took for her to get to her seat.

This bitch is Julia Roberts.

This A list singer recently broke up with her celebrity boyfriend because she was cheating on him and he found out. Hey, it happens and probably not blind item worthy. However, it is who she was cheating on him with that caused all the drama. Lets just say the entire world would freak out if they knew this singer was having sex with this other singer. Oh yeah, this will be revealed. Don’t you worry about that.

Remember when Rihanna was dating Matt Kemp? This blind item indicates that they broke up because she cheated on him with Chris Brown. Gross.

You can check out more reveals over at Crazy Days and Nights, but man, doesn’t all that new information just overwhelm?

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  • I don’t think most people will be shocked if Rhianna was cheating on her ex with Chris Brown. She only broke up with CB in the first place because it will damage her career (Jay Z isn’t too fond of him) and fans will not support her music. She obviously still loves CB and would’ve continue to stayed anyway wouldn’t for those two “barriers.”