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Which Actress Is Ruining A Sequel With Her Drinking?


Blind item time! This one comes from Crazy Days and Nights. It’s about a B-list actress who is currently ruining a movie sequel with her excessive drinking. Here’s the item:

This B list mostly movie actress is filming a sequel to a hit movie and is back drinking and drugging all the time which is making her performance look awful and putting the production over budget dealing with her issues.

I have no idea who it could be but people over there are guessing Carrie Fisher, Brittany SnowAnna Kendrick, and Michelle Rodriguez.

Remember, here are the hints:

  • B-list actress, mostly movies.
  • Working on a sequel to “a hit movie.”
  • Is “back” drinking and drugging.

Guess away! I don’t think it’s Michelle Rodriguez because 1. she just wrapped filming and 2. the director posted a shot of him smiling with his arm around her on his Instagram a few days ago. If she were the item of this blind, I doubt he would have done that.

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Which Pop Star Is Renting A Man?


Blind Gossip has a good, silly one for us. Apparently, there’s a very famous older female pop star who is using a service called “Rent-A-Gent”. From Naughty but Nice Rob via Blind Gossip:

Which aging pop legend has been using Rent A Gent? Rent A Gent offers quality, skilled and handsome men available for “rent,” and they already have one very famous fan!

Good for her!

Female Pop Legend:

Lots of people are guessing either Madonna or Cher.

I checked out Rent-A-Gent and it’s a crappy tumblr site. I sincerely doubt Madonna or Cher is using this service.

But let’s guess!

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Which “Normal” Celeb Couple Are Kinky Sex Freaks?


Blind Gossip has a good one for us, ladies and gentlemen. Apparently there is a “normal” celeb couple (I put normal in quotation marks, because I mean “normal for Hollywood”) who are secret kinky sex freaks. Faaaabulous! They seem like a totally ordinary — even “conservative-looking” pair — but are into some serious stuff. From Blind Gossip:

This one is shocking because of the couple involved. They are both celebrities, and, from the outside, are two of the most conservative-looking people in Hollywood.

They look like the kind of couple that you would want for your mom and dad. If you didn’t know them as celebrities, you would imagine that she is a nurse who runs the PTA and rescues stray kittens, and that he is an accountant who enjoys playing Scrabble and coaching his kid’s soccer team.

Well, behind the bedroom door, it’s a whole different story. They are into threesomes, foursomes, role-playing, and BDSM. There is even a secret room in their home that is used just for these purposes. It is very well-equipped with everything from hooks to swings to floggers to shackles. Crazy.

You know what? GOOD FOR THEM!

Who do you think it is? Someone on BG guessed Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy. I think that’s a great guess! I’m also gonna go with Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen.

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