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Christina Aguilera

Is Christina Aguilera Getting Fired From ‘The Voice’?

christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera is one of the original judge’s on NBC’s WILDLY (and inexplicably) popular shows, The Voice. You know the drill: people who are pre-screened sing to blind judges, who, if they like what they hear, push their button and spin their chair around. Then at the end of it all, someone is crowned the winner and they fade off into obscurity forevermore. Christina has been on and off the show since the beginning, taking a few seasons off here and there to pursue personal projects, but now that she’s back, it seems like the staff isn’t all that happy about it and they want her gone.

“No one wants Christina to come back as a judge on season nine of The Voice,” the network insider tells Radar exclusively.

As Radar previously reported, the 34-year-old “Fighter” singer angered production staff in the beginning of the season with her antics, which included being late to set and constantly fighting with the other judges, particularly Adam Levine.

Now that Season Eight is wrapped and a winner has been declared, the source says that Aguilera’s behavior did not improve over the weeks of competition.

“She was really difficult to work with this season. Tensions between her and Adam were consistent, but she also just had a really bad attitude,” says the source.

“She showed up late a lot, took forever for hair and makeup and was just very demanding.”

Apparently the crew wants Gwen Stefani or Shakira back because they were “a lot easier to work with”, which is actually kinda surprising, at least when it comes to Gwen, who strikes me as a MASSIVE diva (though a flawless one, obviously). Huh. Surprises around every corner.

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Christina Aguilera gives birth to baby girl with unfortunate name

christina aguilera matt rutler

Christina Aguilera was only recently stripping down to her birthday suit and cradling her giant baby bump for a national magazine, so I have to admit I was sorta shocked to hear that she gave birth this weekend to a bouncing baby girl!

From US Weekly:

Aguilera’s angel has arrived! Christina Aguilera and fiance Matt Rutler welcomed their first child together, a baby girl, on Saturday, Aug. 16, Us Weekly can confirm.

The Grammy winner, 33, gave birth via a C-section at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

I’ve always liked Xtina despite her diva-ish ways and inability to stick on a single note, so I think this is cute. Congrats to the happy couple – and to Christina’s other little boy, Max, who’s now a big brother!

Oh, and we already know what the name – it’s a CLASSIC:

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Christina Aguilera wants to fight world hunger

christina aguilera hunger relief

Christina Aguilera is heavily pregnant with her second child, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for charity! On Tuesday, she debuted her campaign for World Hunger Relief’s Pass the Red Cup challenge, which benefits the U.N.’s World Food Programme. I had no idea, but Christina has been the global spokesperson for the WHR since 2009, so she’s just continuing her efforts here.

As she wrote in a blog entry for Huffington Post:

“It’s heartbreaking to me that in our social media driven, increasingly-connected world, nearly 850 million people go to bed hungry each night. And this includes far too many children. It’s a subject so close to my heart and has been for a long time, being a mom.”

Aguilera reflected on her time in Rwanda, where she spent time at a refugee camp. “They told me how they escaped violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” she recalled of the people. “Their courage and hope for a better life was incredible. On my trip, I served food to kids who walk miles to and from school each day to receive a hot meal. I also went to Haiti after the earthquake hit a few years ago and saw its devastating effects on many families. Kids there were so happy just to get rice and beans from WFP.”

Well, good for her – it’s a great effort and with the amount of food on this planet – not to mention the amount of food waste – there is no reason anyone should be going hungry.

christina aguilera hunger relief

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Christina Aguilera does the classic “naked and pregnant” photo shoot

christina aguilera naked

Christina Aguilera is expecting her second child (her first with current partner Matt Rutler) and is feeling good about her body. So good, in fact, that she decided to take part in the cliché “get naked and show your baby bump” trend with her own shoot for V Magazine.

“As a woman, I’m proud to embrace my body through all stages of life, staying fearless and confident in surrendering to the unknowns the future has in store.”

Well, fair enough. I still think it’s corny and overdone to do a naked pregnant photoshoot, but what the hell. If she’s feeling good about herself, why not? the shots themselves, however, do look sort of cheap – especially the one where she’s behind the shower of rain, or whatever the hell it is.

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Miley Cyrus won’t go on ‘The Voice’ because she hates Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera miley cyrus

In what may be the corniest “feud” ever, apparently Miley Cyrus is refusing to go on The Voice because she hates Christina Aguilera… despite the fact that Christina isn’t even there this season. Apparently she sees it as “Christina’s show” and therefore wants no part of it. Oh, brother.

From Radar Online:

“Miley is no friend or supporter of Christina, despite the fact they have a lot in common, including long associations with Disney and using some of same people through the years on their respective business teams,” a source revealed to Radar.

And although Aguilera is now pregnant and taking a break as a judge on The Voice this season, replaced by Shakira, “Miley is still resisting countless invites to perform on the show,” the source said.

“Even if Christina has temporarily stepped aside, The Voice is still Christina’s show and Miley doesn’t want to lift a finger to help that woman.”

Okay, so… what could have happened between the two of them to cause such drama? Well, apparently Miley didn’t like that Christina tweeted a shout-out about something she wore at a concert in January.

Most interpreted the comment as praise for the twerk queen, as Aguilera wrote, “Cheers from one dirrty girl to the next @MileyCyrus…wear em’ loud & proud, girl-yes!” with a picture of Cyrus in costume.

But the source revealed that Cyrus believed Aguilera really wanted to point out SHE wore chaps to perform first!

“Miley couldn’t believe Xtina would Tweet about her wearing chaps on stage, reminding everyone that she did it first. It was such a fake compliment and undermined Miley in the process.”

LOL, is this for real? I honestly can’t believe it could be, but I suppose some people are pretty petty… still, Miley’s still friends with Katy Perry, and she actually said something rude about her!

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It’s official: Gwen Stefani is headed to ‘The Voice’

gwen stefani christina aguilera

Gwen Stefani is kind of the Victoria Beckham of America, I feel. She’s beautiful, she’s glamourous (she wears makeup even at home when she’s not going anywhere!) and sure, she makes music (or did?) but seems more into fashion and shit as of late. The one difference is that Gwen actually smiles and seems to have a personality. Either way, what I’m trying to say is I wouldn’t ever picture either of them to take a gig on The Voice, but Gwen did indeed do just that.

The rumours first started swirling earlier this month, but now they’ve been confirmed: Gwen will replace Christina Aguilera on the coaching panel of the NBC singing competition next season. Christina first congratulated Gwen on Twitter:

And then Gwen posted this photo with the caption “It’s true!” while @-ing (I can’t believe I just used that) The Voice’s account:


So there you have it! Actually, as much as I can’t picture this, I’ll be interested to see what kind of feedback Gwen gives and what kind of coach she is.

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Christina Aguilera Is Pregnant with Baby #2

matt rutler christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera announced her engagement on Valentine’s Day, apparently, and rumours were swirling at the time that she was pregnant again. Well, now those rumours have apparently been confirmed, because baby number two is definitely on the way for Xtina and her now-fiancé Matt Rutler.

US Weekly confirmed the news of her pregnancy, though no further details – like when she’s expecting, what gender the baby is, etc – were released. Congrats to the happy couple, though – it fell at a good time, especially considering this will be her “off” season of The Voice.

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