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Is Christina Aguilera Getting Fired From ‘The Voice’?

christina aguilera

Christina Aguilera is one of the original judge’s on NBC’s WILDLY (and inexplicably) popular shows, The Voice. You know the drill: people who are pre-screened sing to blind judges, who, if they like what they hear, push their button and spin their chair around. Then at the end of it all, someone is crowned the winner and they fade off into obscurity forevermore. Christina has been on and off the show since the beginning, taking a few seasons off here and there to pursue personal projects, but now that she’s back, it seems like the staff isn’t all that happy about it and they want her gone.

“No one wants Christina to come back as a judge on season nine of The Voice,” the network insider tells Radar exclusively.

As Radar previously reported, the 34-year-old “Fighter” singer angered production staff in the beginning of the season with her antics, which included being late to set and constantly fighting with the other judges, particularly Adam Levine.

Now that Season Eight is wrapped and a winner has been declared, the source says that Aguilera’s behavior did not improve over the weeks of competition.

“She was really difficult to work with this season. Tensions between her and Adam were consistent, but she also just had a really bad attitude,” says the source.

“She showed up late a lot, took forever for hair and makeup and was just very demanding.”

Apparently the crew wants Gwen Stefani or Shakira back because they were “a lot easier to work with”, which is actually kinda surprising, at least when it comes to Gwen, who strikes me as a MASSIVE diva (though a flawless one, obviously). Huh. Surprises around every corner.

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  • How in the world do you get a diva vibe from Gwen Stefani? Every interview I’ve ever seen her give she came off as a total sweetheart at the very least.

    I thought she was a breath of fresh air on The Voice ????