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The Rock Sets World Record For Most Selfies Taken In 3 Minutes

the rock

Ugh, y’all know I love The Rock and think he’s the ultimate sweetheart (in a completely nonsexual way), so I love being able to post stories about him, since they’re always so positive and uplifting, even when they’re silly, like this one. Dwayne wanted to set the world record for most selfies taken in 3 minutes, so he embarked on the challenge while on the red carpet at the London premiere of San Andreas, which I would actually totally see.

The Guinness Book of World Records was on hand to hand him his award, and whole thing was captured – and posting to Dwayne’s Instagram to celebrate!

To be fair, I feel like this can’t possibly be the first record he’s broken. What about the record for the most cod eaten in a day? Is that a thing? Because it should be. Also, I have to ask: why do people insist on carrying their iPhones around without cases? Seeing it raises my blood pressure every time. Maybe people just aren’t as clumsy as me, but I swear I would have smashed my phone to pieces if it weren’t for my case (which is a Speck case, for the curious).

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