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Quotables: Sarah Jessica Parker Hates Her Husband on the Daily

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“I think that’s healthy and I think it’s realistic. Some people have it down to 20 minutes a week. Other unfortunate people have it down to 20 minutes per hour.”

Of course, Sarah’s here talking about hating her husband for twenty minutes a day.

Last I checked, there’s remedies for stuff like that, Sarah Jessica. It’s called “divorce.” I know it’s probably been on the tip of your husband‘s tongue for quite some time now, but you can make the move, too, girl. I’m no relationship guru, but if I spent twenty minutes a day hating my husband – or hell, even twenty minutes a week – I’d think there’s definitely some underlying problems, huh?

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  • Apparently the person who wrote this article has not been married any length of time. Its not necessarily about the person. It is the difference between men and women. Putting up with man ways is a pain. Vice versa for the guys too. IT”S A FACT OF LIFE!

  • I’d say, realistically, I hate my boyfriend for about a half hour every week. The key is to not be anywhere near my boyfriend while I’m busy hating him. Usually my friend Robyn ends up hearing about it. She knows I adore him, so she just pats me.

  • Oh Sarah. For a marriage to survive you have to be realistic. It would be impossible to never hate or be angry at your spouse, simply because whenever more than one person’s opinion has to be taken into account there is conflict. A successful marriage is making the choice to deal with that conflict, whether you get your way or not, on a daily basis. I agree with SJP and I have only been married a few years. Going into marriage with the idea that you would never hate your spouse and that is HAS to be 100% head over heels, take your breath away love every minute of the marriage is probably why so many people divorce.

  • The article writer is OBVIOUSLY not married. Every woman and man i know hates their spouse at times. The key is to only hate them for short spurts and not hate them on the while then obviously you should be divorced.

    • I’ve actually been married for six years, together for a total of eight, and after “growing” with this person and moving beyond all the BS, I can honestly say that, no, I have not “hated” my husband in the time we’ve spent since we both grew the hell up. It works wonders, actually.

  • I’ve also been married for six years, Sarah (together for 10), and I agree with you: I’ve never hated my husband. Are there times when I’m irritated with him? Yes. Were there times when he was still an alcoholic when I was disappointed or sad? Yes. Never hatred. Unless SJP is using “hate” in a cutesy way, I really don’t think it’s a healthy thing to feel.

  • I’m glad that you found what works for your marriage. But what works for one doesn’t work for others, necessarily. It is insulting to your readers who agree with SJP that you basically accuse us of not “[growing] the hell up.” We don’t know your marriage or SJP’s. And you certainly don’t know ours well enough to accuse us of being immature. You’re passive aggressive bitchiness and inability to deal with people whose opinions differ from your own has definitely cost you this reader.

    • so.. it’s ok for a reader to passively agressively sit back and smirk smugly assuming the author must not be married if he or she feels this way, but it’s not okay for the author to tell the truth about putting bullshit aside and having that remove a large part of possible animosity in a marriage? someone’s a little hypocritical, wouldn’t you say? sarahs completely right. if you get hung up on being all angry about petty garbage its going to take a toll on your marriage. and if you cant get passed that, then you SHOULDNT be together maybe.

  • Everybody at Hollyweird knows that they havent got sex with each other for about 5 years. All is just a facade…

  • I hate my boyfriend once a week more or less, not hate-hate in a DIE WAY but rather hate in a OMFG GO AWAY because I’m irritated. I get what she says.

    • I wonder if that’s what this whole debate is about. Because, you see, I use the word “hate” to actually mean uncontrollable, bitter anger to the point where you wish the other person did not exist. But other people use “hate” as being irritated. If she means the latter when she says she “hates” her husband 20 minutes a day, then there’s nothing wrong with that. If she means the former, then there’s definitely something wrong.

      • Hear, hear. I started to post something to this effect yesterday but totally chickened out. If the SJP is being glib, then yes, definitely, OK, I’m with her. (I do the “OMFG GET AWAY” eyes at my boyfriend when I’m working.)

        Ire can feel a lot like hate some days, but until you’ve actually hated a person you were dating—and I mean that in a “the resentment mounted for years and I thought about how I would escape if I weren’t so trapped and I started slowly poisoning him” way—then I can appreciate how you might be careless about using the word “hate.”

        Now, if I misconstrued SJP’s quote as cute when it was actually seething, yeah, she’s in a totally abusive, toxic relationship. No, there isn’t a way to confirm how she meant it, except maybe for M-Brod’s face.

  • he stays with her for years, accept his crappy life, he never run away or scared as hell of her face or seen naked, and the sharpened scarecrow hate him… this is true love or what?

  • he stays with her for years, accept his crappy life, he never run away or scared as hell of her face or seen naked, and the sharpened scarecrow hate him… this is true love or what?