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Matt Kemp

Rihanna’s New Guy Seems Like an Upgrade

Rihanna’s new man, LA Dodger Matt Kemp, seems like a pretty decent guy. He’s no John Mayer, anyway. Matt recently sat down for an interview with FoxSports where he was supposed to be chatting all about baseball, but of course the subject quickly turned to his new lady. Matt definitely acknowledged that he’s been hanging out with RihRih, but like a true gentleman, he didn’t get in to the details.

Hartman: Did you buy [Rihanna] a diamond necklace?

Kemp: (laughter) Come on, guys. Y’all are killing me, man.

Myers: It’s his business … [but] Are you guys dating? Can you clarify that?

Kemp: That’s just a good friend of mine.

Myers: Oh, OK.

Kemp: A very very good friend of mine. And we enjoy hanging out with each other and we’re just having fun.

Hartman: Now is she a baseball fan or…As friends what kind of common interests do you have?

Kemp: She’s a great person that loves to watch basketball. She likes basketball.

Hartman: And you’re a basketball guy, we know that…So you go to games together? You go to Laker games and stuff like that?

Kemp: Yeah, I’ve been to a couple games.

Myers: How did you two meet?

Kemp: How did we meet? (laughter) I thought we were talking about baseball, guys.

Myers: Well, we can. Now Matt you have to be realistic. Look at Lamar Odom. If you’re gonna date somebody who is as attractive, talented, and widely recognized…

Hartman: She’s an amazing girl.

Myers: …That comes with the territory. You know what it’s like being a celebrity in the baseball sense, so this is magnified. Are you ready for all that?

Kemp: Hey, it is what it is. If that’s what it comes with, that’s what it comes with. I’m just gonna continue to keep trying to hit home runs and help my team get to the World Series.

Maybe he’s not the Rude Boy she’s looking for (how freakin’ much do you guys love that song, by the way?), but at least he seems like a decent dude who respects her. That’s the very least that any woman can ask for and I’m not patting the dude on the back for not being a creep, but hey! This is a great turnaround after the whole Chris Brown thing, huh?

Is This Matt Kemp Parody a Bit Mean?

This FunnyOrDie video parodying ads and Rihanna’s new beau is a little on the mean side for my tastes, but I bet some of you will see the humor in it. The actor who plays Matt cracks jokes about how he’s looking for a girl with “emotional baggage” (because she got beaten by her last boyfriend and doesn’t talk to her father, I guess) and that wants to share an umbrella. He also says he wants a woman with a has a whiney voice and pauses in front of the camera at the end to say over and over again that he does not hit chicks.

I suppose it’s a good thing that the person they are parodying is actually Rihanna’s new squeeze and this isn’t just some “audition tape to date Rihanna” or else I would think the whole idea is completely awful. I think that there would be a way to do a “Matt Kemp’s video” sketch without including half of the rude/outdated references they did, but hey! Maybe I’m just sensitive.

Rihanna Heats Up With an LA Dodger

Photo via E! News

It looks like Rihanna is going to be starting 2010 with a total fresh start. Her new album “Rated R” is fantastic and she seems to have completely moved on from Chris Brown like never before. In fact, Rihanna might have a new boyfriend in LA Dodgers outfielder, Matt Kemp. The two have been together in Mexico for a few days now and the paps have already caught them making out and grabbing at each other like a couple of horny teens.

This guy might just be good enough for Rihanna, too. His nickname on the field is “The Bison” because of those huge arms and his quick speed. It will be pretty great if these two stick together. After a fairly disastrous 2009 with a horrid excuse for a man, Rihanna deserves to find the kind of guy that this Matt Kemp character seems to be.