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What Year Is It?: Britney Spears Wins “Best Bikini Body”

britney spears bikini 2013

Britney Spears looks great in a bikini, but let’s be real, she’s not in her heyday anymore. I’m talking about the ridiculous (in a good way) figure she had in her “I’m A Slave For U” era, which was in 2001. But it’s been 12 years and 2 kids later, so considering that I think she’s doing swell and looking good (and Shape magazine agrees.)

Celebuzz asked people to vote in their “Battle of the Bikini Bodies” which is admittedly kind of a huge UGH that this is even a thing, but here are the results.

#1. Britney, with 41%.
#2. Kate Upton, 28%.

#3. Jessica Alba, 15%.

jessica alba bikini
#4. Coco, 9%.

coco bikini
#5. Holly Madison, 5%.

holly madison post baby bikini body

I share this because I think it’s interesting that with the exception of Jessica Alba, these are women with curvier figures. I don’t mean curvy as a euphemism for fat. I mean Coco is genuinely insanely curvy.

My favorite bikini body is any woman who wears a bikini who isn’t Miranda Kerr perfection. There’s more bikini goodness here.

Who would you have voted for?

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  • What is wrong with “Miranda kerr perfection”? Shaming or othering any type of body is unacceptable. All bikini bodies are beautiful :)

    • U need more brain, honey. How about concentration camp survivor Alexa Chung or the nightmarish Gabourey Sidibe? Looking good in bikini? How about some paralysed woman? Looking good too?

      • WOW. concentration camp survivor? paralyzed women? you ignorant horrible person. I would explain to you everything that is wrong with you and what you just said but I don’t have the time or the crayons.

  • 1. Britney – OK
    2. Kate Upton – without her udders noone would twice look at her. She is shapeless. End of story.
    3. Jessica Alba – stick. No shapes, curves whatsoever. Boyish
    4. Coco – mutant, total disaster
    5. Holly Madison – OK

    Somebody here needs to learn the difference between curvy and being a mutant or looking like a fridge

    • I gotta agree with ya. Brit looks good and I’m happy for her. I was think Alba looked like a 13-14 yr old what happened to her body?

    • Agree one hundred percent!

      With the exception of Britney and Holly, the others are built like Sponge Bob Squarepants, not curvy but boyish.

  • I think Katy Perry has a really nice bikini body actually. Coco Austin and Holly Madison have fake boobs and their bodies are too squarish.