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Though Shape Magazine Previously Dissed Her, Britney’s Still Rocking Their Cover

britney spears shape magazine cover

Britney Spears is on the cover of Shape Magazine and I think she looks pretty fantastic. Yes of course there’s some photoshopping done — that’s a sad and annoying given — but I think the end result is pretty realistic. Here’s what she looked like going to a spin class a little over a week ago:

britney spears workout spin class

Yeah, we can’t see her abs, but I think we can assume they’re pretty decent, as this is what they looked like in March. This is my life now, analyzing Britney Spears’ abs.

Here’s one of my favorite things about all of this Shape cover stuff. The magazine previously criticized Ms. Spears for her eating habits. The article was titled “15 Bad Excuses Women Make For Not Eating Healthy“. They posted a photo of her with her signature Frappuccino drink, citing her as a bad role model for health and one of the reasons women make for not eating healthy:

“Britney Spears Is Always Photographed Drinking Iced Frappuccinos With Whip And She’s Thin!”
“She’s thin, but is she healthy?” Bushard asks. More importantly, it’s dangerous to compare yourself with celebrities and friends.

You can’t find the article when you type “Britney Spears” into their search bar, but I found it easily through Google. I guess they’ve since changed their minds about Britney as a picture of health, pun intended.