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Coco Tweets Photo of Herself Laying in Bed Naked With Nephew

photo of coco twitter pictures in bed with baby nephew nude twitter pics leaked photos picture
Can I get a collective “what the f-ck”? Because it was the only thing that I could formulate in my head when I first saw the picture, and I couldn’t get myself to even look at the uncensored photo, partially because I think Coco‘s kind of a troll, and partially because it’s not like this photo was accidentally leaked, it was posted on her Twitter account. Come on. Does it get any trashier than that?

It’s totally different than when Tori Spelling’s husband posted a photo of Tori post-breastfeeding, and let’s be real: one, the kid’s not her son, so unless she’s a wet nurse, that’s just weird. And two, she could never be a wet nurse. There’s too much silicone blocking up those milk ducts. I mean, does she even *have* milk ducts, or were they maybe cauterized during one of her many plastic surgeries?

Ugh. This thing is so messed up, and she knows it, too. This was the caption accompanying the picture:

“1am in LA and my sis, Kristy keeps flashing the camera while me and my nephew,baby Austin,try to sleep..Man, this is a spoiled baby.”

The photo’s since been pulled from all of her accounts.

You know, it’s one thing to have a photo like this. OK. Even though I think it’s way strange that it’s the auntie in the picture, I can even try to look past that. But to post the damn picture on the internet for the world to see? Classless. Completely classless. Also. I don’t want to hear any, “OH. The US is so backward when it comes to kids and boobs and nude family beds,” but that’s … No. Just no, sorry. Coco is trash, and using a little kid to further that notion is just gross, man.

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  • If this was a man, everyone would be up in arms about the perversion of it. There would be an investigation on it…blah blah blah.

  • Personnally, I don’t know if this is because I’m french canadian, it’s not the being naked with a kid the problem, if it’s in the family and not sexual, but taking a picture and posting it is just weird.

    For being naked, there could be many reasons, maybe she takes a shower with him (sometimes it append when children are very young), maybe she was before getting a tan naked (so leave no marks), maybe she’s a nudist (I don’t know that celebrity)… For me, as long as the parents are ok with it, no sexuality involve, than it’s fine.

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