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Rose McGowan Is Engaged To An Artist

rose mcgowan engaged

Rose McGowan is engaged to some artist named Davey Detail, and let’s begin every Rose McGowan post by answering the inevitable “What happened to her face?” question: she was in a car accident and had to get reconstructive surgery. Moving on!

SO Davey Detail is some dude who is a part of something called “CYRCLE.” (yes, WITH the period) and it’s some kind of artist collective. Rose McGowan is an actress doing a whole lot of nothing and was engaged to Marilyn Manson a million years ago. I love McGowan though. I wish she’d get more work. But who knows, maybe she doesn’t want to work.

Here’s the happy couple earlier this week with their super cool super edgy friend:

rose mcgowan with fiance and a friend in west hollywood

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  • Nasty vain bitch who once said she wished she’d been able to join the IRA.

    Next time there is a horrible atrocity on the streets of the US let’s hope she is the only victim.