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Straight From Your Nightmares: Marilyn Manson Joins ‘Once Upon a Time’

marilyn manson paris jackson

If you’ve been watching Once Upon a Time, you’ll know that this season has seen the introduction of Peter Pan and his evil shadow. That’s where Marilyn Manson comes in – he’ll be playing the voice of Pan’s shadow later this season. Don’t you feel like you’re living in a nightmare?

From The Hollywood Reporter:

In the eighth episode, expected to air mid-November, Manson will make his Once Upon a Time debut voicing the character of The Shadow, who has already been seen this season. (The Shadow first appeared at the end of season two.)

“We’ve always been enormous fans of Marilyn Manson,” creators/executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz told Rolling Stone, who first broke the news, in a joint statement. “We wanted to cast someone with the vocal ability to make our skin crawl.”

Ha! Marilyn Manson doesn’t really make my skin crawl anymore, but he certainly used to when I was 12 and I’d fall asleep with MTV on and wake up at like, midnight when Beavis and Butthead was on and they’d be playing one of his videos. The video for ‘The Beautiful People’ was CRAZY and used to terrify me. But come on, this is Marilyn Manson now. Nobody’s running from that.

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Do You Recognize This Man?

eastbound and down

Any guesses on who that fella on the right is? Is it a Clay Aiken impersonator? Susan Boyle on a bad day? If you guessed one of those two, you were totally wrong. It’s actually Marilyn Manson without his makeup and in… other makeup for his guest appearance on Eastbound & Down!

Apparently Marilyn is a big fan of the show, which is sorta hilarious and totally came as a shock to Danny McBride, who told TMZ:

“For some reason, I don’t imagine Marilyn Manson sitting on a couch watching TV.

“I picture him hanging out in a torture chamber or something. We were definitely flattered and creeped out and felt great that he liked the show.”

Haha! Creeped out – isn’t that how we feel about EVERYTHING Marilyn Manson does? Yes, even his friendship with Avril Lavinge.

I haven’t watched Eastbound & Down since the first season, but it was pretty good then! Have you guys been keeping up with it?

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Marilyn Manson Dedicated A Song To Paris Jackson…And A Simulated Wrist Cutting

marilyn manson paris jackson

Marilyn Manson heard about Paris Jackson‘s suicide attempt, and that it was perhaps triggered by not being allowed to see him in concert. He’s since tweeted  (via Billboard),

I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want.

Which is very sweet of him. He continued on his path of kindness when he dedicated his song “Disposable Teens” (okay maybe not the sweetest title but I bet the message is…good?) to her at one of his shows.

But then, being Manson, he got a little weird.

According to reports, Manson dedicated his song “Disposable Teens” to Michael Jackson’s famous daughter, saying simply, “This song is for Paris Jackson” during his Thursday night show. The dedication comes days after reports surfaced that the 15-year-old had attempted suicide after being told she could not attend Manson’s show.

Manson then shocked observers by simulating a suicide attempt of his own, dragging a meat cleaver across his forearm. [Note: Paris Jackson reportedly used a meat cleaver to cut herself.]

Okay, chill out Billboard, it’s quite obviously a knife and not a meat cleaver. Nit picky, I know. But yes. It’s STILL odd to me. What exactly was his message? “Hey everyone, in case you didn’t know, this is how she tried to kill herself, let me show you. This isn’t sensationalizing it at all.” But I don’t know.

What do you think?