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Do You Recognize This Man?

eastbound and down

Any guesses on who that fella on the right is? Is it a Clay Aiken impersonator? Susan Boyle on a bad day? If you guessed one of those two, you were totally wrong. It’s actually Marilyn Manson without his makeup and in… other makeup for his guest appearance on Eastbound & Down!

Apparently Marilyn is a big fan of the show, which is sorta hilarious and totally came as a shock to Danny McBride, who told TMZ:

“For some reason, I don’t imagine Marilyn Manson sitting on a couch watching TV.

“I picture him hanging out in a torture chamber or something. We were definitely flattered and creeped out and felt great that he liked the show.”

Haha! Creeped out – isn’t that how we feel about EVERYTHING Marilyn Manson does? Yes, even his friendship with Avril Lavinge.

I haven’t watched Eastbound & Down since the first season, but it was pretty good then! Have you guys been keeping up with it?

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  • Season 1 was the best. Season 2 was alright, and 3 gets weird, a little too much so. Still. Pretty fucking hilarious, mang. *crotch*chop*