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Marilyn Manson Rape, Assault suit Tossed By Judge

The METOO movement has come a long way, but the laws still allow for predators to get away with reprehensible crimes if enough time passes.

The lawsuit against Marilyn Manson was dismissed Tuesday because the statute of limitations had passed on the woman’s claims, TMZ reported.

The lawsuit dates to May, when the woman – identified only as “Jane Doe” in legal papers – said the rape happened after she and Manson started dating in 2011. She claimed repressed memories of the incident stopped her from reporting the incident then.

The judge was skeptical of the claim, but gave the woman 20 days to refile the complaint and address concerns over the repressed memories claim.

There were CRAZY claims made that, if true, should have zero statutes.  craziest of which was a claim that Manson showed her a video he kept locked in a safe. The video allegedly depicted abuse of a groupie after a 1996 appearance by the band at the Hollywood Bowl. The young fan is allegedly forced to drink urine, was threatened with a gun, and may have been pistol-whipped.

Manson is also being sued by a former assistant/girlfriend, Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco. So hopefully her claim will get the attention it deserves.