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F-ck Off, Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence is someone everyone loves and I don’t have anything against her, but this humblebrag she dropped really annoyed me. Or kind of annoyed me, honestly it’s not possible for Jennifer Lawrence to say anything that would really annoy me, she’s pretty harmless.

Anyway, she told Access Hollywood that she gave her Oscar to her parents. Which is very sweet. Except that her reason wasn’t. From Daily Mail:

My parents took it back to Kentucky, because I felt odd having it on display in my house. If anybody’s coming over to my house, I didn’t want them to remember that. Just kind of puts a weird energy out.

It’s the “weird energy” thing that gets me. Like she’s talking about a haunted ventriloquist dummy instead of one of the biggest honors an actor could ever receive. And it wasn’t like she said, “This is for you, mom and dad, for always supporting me” — it’s more of, “ew, take this.”

I think I’m cranky because I’m hungry. Again, it’s not like this is a horrible thing she said or that I’m genuinely angry. Anyone else get where I’m coming from or am I just bonkers?

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  • I…am thinking maybe you’re just a bit bonkers here. I take it like this: She doesn’t want it in her house, in display, because it is probably awkward to have people bring it up/ask about it all the time. I’m sure she is proud of herself, but she doesn’t need the constant reminder that she won it.

  • Go have a snack. I wouldn’t call you bonkers for this, but Jennifer Lawrence’s statement here is a far cry from f*** off territory.

    • Ha. All I could think when I read your comment was, “Catherine, have a Snickers. You turn into a Class-A Monster Bitch when you’re hungry.”

  • I’ve been saying forever I don’t get what the big deal is about Jennifer Lawrence. She’s plain and boring. Although it’s good to see the other commentators really put some thought into their responses. Who says our education system is broken.

    • I actually find her really irritating—it’s the pseudo-quirky, humble, normal act that she painfully puts on. Oh gee, she’s really just like us! I’m so normal and likeable, don’t you agree! But it’s probably more than everyone acts like she’s untouchable and can do no wrong. See above/every piece on her ever.

      • She’s not faking a persona. You just want to think that so you can hate her. Plain jealousy.

      • I agree Alicia I think she is a big ole phony I think that whole award season she was full of shit acting like a goof even her little trip at the Oscars was done on purpose.

        I also agree with Anonymous 11:35am .. the “new evil beet” sucks not funny anymore always pissy. (ironic yes)

  • i hate the new evil beet. this isn’t funny snarky celeb gossip anymore. i used to check evil beet everyday and now i try to look at it once a week and get irritated by the first 2 article i read and stop.

  • Maybe she feels she hasn’t really yet paid her dues. Anna Paquin still keeps hers in a closet as to not intimidate visitors.

  • This is easily one of the ugliest sites on the internet. Just filled with bile. The people who run it sound like horrible, miserable people

  • She’s got a heroic vibe about her in her films and she’s not a bad actress – but I don’t buy all the down-to-earth hype. I think that is PR strategy. And I don’t buy the cheeks- they change in firmness and density depending on how much filler she is using. She may not be all creepy like older actors who use too much filler – but it doesn’t look real.