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Shailene Woodley Got Some Advice from Jennifer Lawrence For Her Own Dystopian Teen Film

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I loved Divergent and the follow-up, Insurgent – it’s a great YA dystopian book series by Veronica Roth in the vein of The Hunger Games (and only successful because of it). So of course they’re making a movie of it, because when the consumer seems to like something, we have to be sold 5,000 versions of it no matter how poor they are, how overloaded we are or anything. People will pay for it, and money rules everything, blah blah.

In any case, I’m not against a Divergent movie – but I am absolutely against Shailene Woodley, the chick who was cut from Spider-Man and whose claim to fame is that ABC Family show about teen pregnancy, playing the lead character, Tris. Tris is written as a strong, bad-ass female who is fearless and whose strength and courage allow her to not only go against her family’s grain but to fight a much larger enemy. I know Jennifer Lawrence can’t star in two franchises, but I could see her as Tris, for sure. I cannot see Shailene Woodley as Tris, and yet… she is. Ugh.

The point of this story is obviously that Shailene counted on Jennifer for some advice when approaching her role, which Jennifer graciously gave. She told reporters at Comic-Con (via DS):

“Jennifer Lawrence actually helped me with Divergent. I asked her how her life has changed, going from small independent movies to something as big as Hunger Games, and she gave me really beautiful advice which I really appreciated.”

I gotta say, I particularly worry about Shailene in this role because she doesn’t seem to “get it”. She told reporters a while back that Tris is nothing like Katniss because Tris isn’t a “bad ass”. Uh, yes she is. She has to leave her entire family and go against her family’s traditional faction in order to be true to herself and then learn to fight, go against enemies… why am I talking about this? This movie will probably be shit, and that’s a shame.

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  • she is sooooo bad in that teen pregnancy show. but the whole show is so bad that’s probably why she’s in it. and yes, i watch that show because it is so bad. i like to torture myself.

  • Actually, her “claim to fame” is her great turn as Clooney’s daughter in The Descendants and the fact that he thought she was a fantastic young actress.

    Sounds like someone needs some Meow Mix!