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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week 8-12

katy perry morning radio show

It’s about time to take a peek at the best and worst celebrity looks of the week. Can Courtney Stodden top her previous appearances? Like this and this? Let’s find out! And we’ll look at some other celebs. But are they really as important?

BEST: Lady Gaga (but in WHICH outfit?)
WORST: Aubrey Plaza
WTF: Click to find out!


Nailed it. How could I doubt her?


fergie duhamel

Here’s the new Mrs. Fergie Duhamel leaving her second baby shower. At first glance, you can barely tell she’s pregnant! This dress is so awful. It’s not the fit or the color, it’s the print. It reminds of Wet Seal in the 1990’s.


lady gaga

I’m getting some serious Yoko Ono vibes from Lady Gaga here.


katy perry radio

I like what Katy Perry is doing here but what is up with that leather strap? Is that part of the dress or a weird bra?


aubrey plaza imagen awards

What the f-ck is this, Aubrey? Nothing is making sense here. And as you’re trying to figure it out — BOOM — yellow pointy shoes. What is this. WORST.


bella thorne imagen awards

More awful shoes, from the same awards show (The 28th Annual Imagen Awards), this time on Bella Thorne. I was really liking it up until the shoes, even with the crispy bangs.


emma watson great gatsby sweatshirt

Here’s Emma Watson wearing my favorite sweatshirt ever and making it look like CRAP.


eliza doolittle primrose hill

British singer Eliza Doolittle in noooooooooooooo.


lady gaga chateau marmont 2013

Do forgive me, but here’s another Lady Gaga outfit from this week, and kill me but I love it. She’s wearing a very similar cut of dress to the one Aniston wore that everyone freaked out over because her stomach wasn’t as flat as hardwood flooring. I think Gaga wears it better, because she puts so much more personality into it — it’s like a punk version of Holly Golightly. Whereas on Aniston it was just kinda…there. So she wins my BEST OF THE WEEK! (F-ck me, right?)


cara delevingne no make up

Cara Delevingne in something from the Axl Rose collection. Holy f-ck, I can’t believe how different she looks when she’s heavily made up. For that alone, she wins the WTF of the week. And the hat helps.

cara delevingne no make up

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  • Are you kidding on Katy Perry? She looks like a demented figure skater from the 80’s! Crushed velvet and that belt??? The woman is not 19 or 20. She needs to learn how to dress, stat.

    • I used to wear the exact same thing when going out at 17, because I thought I looked so goth/alternative in it.. TERRIBLE.
      She is trying the goth fase and it is just silly looking. She looks like an early Cure fan at one of their shows.

  • that cara chick would be a great lesbian i would fuck her for sure…normally im straigt but she looks like a really hot guy