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Lohan Watched Her Own Movies In Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan must have been REALLY bored in rehab, because she threw an unofficial Lindsay Lohan film festival. Allegedly, she watched some of her films and brought in an audience. An unwilling one. From Earsucker:

During her 60 day stay at the Cliffside Rehab Center in Malibu, not only did Lindsay Lohan watch all of her own movies for entertainment, she made the other patients watch alongside her.

A source revealed, “There was more than once when Lindsay would rent or buy a movie on iTunes that she’d starred in. She basically forced me to watch that crappy movie ‘I Know Who Killed Me’ with her, the one where she plays a stripper.”

The source added, “She’s such an attention seeker that she didn’t think it was weird at all to watch her own movies. Everyone else thought it was really embarrassing of her to do that! But whatever. It was like she was trying to relive a time when she was actually a working actress.”

Oh. Now I feel sad. I picture her as Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood in full vampire cape (or in her case, I guess she would be wearing her stripper outfit) watching her scenes over and over, saying her lines out loud in unison with the film, eyebrow cocked.

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  • Oh man…that gif right there? I just saw into her future and what she is going to look like as a 60 year old.

  • I just saw the Oprah interview. I’m pretty sure that watching the movies was a way for her to see where she has been and where she would like to be. She said she was happiest when she was a working actress. By the way, she’s on record as saying that she thinks I Know Who Killed Me was really bad.

  • How sad for her. I sincerely hope that she continues to feel better and some sort of control over her life.

  • I find it really sad too, poor thing. She’s probably desperate to relive her days as a working actress, even if some of the films weren’t as good.

  • I look at that movie clip and I’m reminded of the ‘Grinch’ in the cartoon. If only her skin was green and not orange.