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Lindsay Lohan’s Lies Just Keep Coming

lindsay lohan oprah OWN interview

Lindsay Lohan‘s big Oprah interview aired last night and the lies flowed like chocolate out of Wonka’s factory. My favorite part was when she said (via Gossip Cop) she’s done cocaine “10 to 15 times.”

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Yes, that’s a lot closer to the truth than what she told Piers Morgan (“only 5 times.“) But come on now. Let’s do some basic math. Lindsay Lohan is 27. Let’s say she didn’t start doing drugs until she was 20, which is way generous. That means in 7 years she’s only done cocaine 15 times, tops? Maybe 15 times in 1 week. Come on, Lohan.

She also claimed that she “kind of wanted” to go to jail (Gossip Cop).

Such silliness!

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  • Ya I’m thinking the way ole lohan sees it if ya don’t stop doing it everyday for 4 month then that’s once. Then there are the times she was so wrecked when she did it she doesn’t remember. Same old same old for her and Oprah keeps look pathetic for paying her $2 mil. for half truths and str8 up lies

  • I love how Oprah just kept saying ‘uh huh, uh huh’ – probably thinking back to Whitney — Smack is Whack. Same story/different drug addict. She could NOT have believed a word Lindsay said —

  • So why does coke HAVE TO have been a part of her daily life for you to be satisfied with her response? She admitted she was an addict, said alcohol was her substance of choice, and admitted to a needless dependence on Adderall. Why can’t that be the truth? It struck me as a surprisingly candid interview.

  • Judging by her looks it was not just booze, Adderall and sometimes coke she was on.
    She has the face of a crack-addict.