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Faces of Meth

Do you remember last month when I showed you that weird video someone made of Britney Spears? Someone took photos of Britney throughout her life and morphed them together so you could see her grow up and grow crazy. It was really interesting and extremely terrifying to watch, but perhaps the most terrifying thing in that entire post was when I mentioned that the creator of the video was working on one of Lindsay Lohan.

Time passed, things happened, and I forgot all about it. I pushed it out my mind, probably because I knew it would be so hard to watch. But last night, as I was bouncing around the internet, shopping for clothes I’ll never buy* and browsing through the forum for The Sandlot on IMDB**, I saw a link to this video. And it is harrowing.

Everybody always talks about how different Lindsay looks now and how much older she looks, but this really brings it home, doesn’t it? And my, just watch those lips grow and grow! I wish the video did contain some more recent pictures of Lindsay with red hair – that’s definitely her best look, and the platinum blonde just has way too many bad memories attached to it – but I’m not sure it would make that big of a difference at this point.

Just say no, friends. There’s no hope with dope.

*I can’t convince myself to spend $25 on a dress, I just can’t. And $40 for a pair of jeans, are you kidding me? I’ve been working on building a new wardrobe for the past month or so because most of mine don’t really fit anymore, and so far I have a bunch of $10 dresses from Ross. Any tips on shopping? Am I doing it right, or do I need to just spend the money on quality items I can wear several different ways?

**This is seriously what I did last night

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  • First of all…yes, step it up. Twenty five dollars on a dress is NOT a big deal. I’m not sure where you’re shopping, but even at Target, that’s a pretty low number.

    Secondly, this video is insane. Those lips! That skin! That gross, methy “come hither” look she tries to pull off! It’s all too much for me. The icing on the cake is the horrible music! It’s like something out of a classic Hollywood horror movie.


  • spend more money on quality pieces, cheap things wear out too fast and you’ll end up buying more of it… if it doesn’t match at least 3 things in your closet, do not buy it