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Photographers Confused Debbie Harry for Lindsay Lohan

A photo of Debbie Harry and Lindsay Lohan

The whole story is pretty much up there in the headline, but let me just flesh it out a little so we can enjoy it a bit more. Debbie Harry is the frontwoman of Blondie. She’s a lady who enjoys fine wigs and Journey covers. She is also 66 years old. Lindsay Lohan on the other hand, is … well, I’m sure you guys know all there is to know about Lindsay, who is, by the way, 25 years old. Really.

Here’s the story of how it happened:

Photographers were camped outside the Mercer Hotel in New York on Sunday waiting for an anticipated exit from Lindsay Lohan who had hosted Saturday Night Live the night before.

Little did they know, another famous blonde was also staying there.

When Blondie singer Debbie Harry exited the hotel, covered up with a hoodie and shades (looking pretty fantastic for her age, BTW), cameras started snapping away thinking it was actually Lohan. Yes, she’s 66 years old, but we gotta admit—whether it was the platinum hair or the similar smile, Harry looked a lot like 25-year-old Lohan.

Splash photogs told E! News that they were aware it was Harry from the start, and believe that the other photographers did not realize they were taking shots of the wrong person until after a few frames, but also mentioned, “Debbie bore a striking resemblance, albeit older, to the young starlet.”

So what is this, a compliment to Debbie Harry? An insult to Lindsay Lohan? Or just more proof that Lindsay needs to lay off the drugs and the plastic surgery before her face just melts off and Dina has to step in as her body double. I mean, I did say they looked like twinsies recently.

Meanwhile, how fabulous does Debbie Harry look?

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