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This Is A Piece Of My Heart I Didn’t Even Know I Was Missing

Elton John, Lady Gaga, Sting, Debbie Harry, Shirley Bassey, and Bruce Springsteen sang “Don’t Stop Believin’.”  At the same time.  And it was amazing.

These moments of magic happened on Thursday night at Carnegie Hall as a finale to Sting’s annual benefit to raise money for the rainforests, which just adds to the awesome.  Somebody in the audience caught a shaky, not-so-excellent-quality video, but that person should get a medal or at least a certificate for documenting this monumental moment in history.

I may not be a Lady Gaga fan, but Elton John and Sting?  Come on. Just check Elton John out in that video and you will see that he is the undeniable king of beautiful songs and rose-tinted glasses.

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  • That was ridiculously awesome. Gaga is GORGEOUS when she does the whole ‘normal makeup’ thing that’s so rare for her. I don’t really understand the whole half-naked men & Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson at the end, but I’m assuming they were somehow involved with earlier events of the night..?

  • Emily, I actually liked you when you first started writing here. You were completely and utterly different from the others and it was very refreshing to read something besides the juvenile tripe I had become accustom to on this site.

    Well I must say my joy was short lived. You have drank the Kool Aid of Evil Beet imbecility. Are you fucking joking with these comments?

    “it was amazing.” “moments of magic” “raise money for the rainforests” “adds to the awesome”
    “he is the undeniable king of beautiful songs ” (you do know he didn’t write that song?)

    And of course my very favorite – “this monumental moment in history.”

    For me this gathering of washed up old timers, desperately clinging to relevancy, and some freak female with a dick is less significant to me than a 2 for 1 Hamburger Helper deal at the grocery store.

    This is so fucking stupid. I am in shock.

    • He didn’t write that song? NO shit you stupid fucking imbecile. I almost hate you as much as the douche, but I cut you a little slack because you haven’t had sex with your own mother.

      • Actually I have had sex with my mother. I have had sex with with father also. And my brother, my sister, my aunt, my uncle, my cousins, my nieces, my nephews, all of my grandparents, and every friend of the family. Life is good, thank you!

    • I agree with Good Lord. People who like this type of shit should own up to liking stupid things and not be so defensive about it.

  • hahaha. I was wondering why Lady Gaga was moving the whole time like one of those ballerinas in a music box. What the fuck are those things? Hooves!?

  • what is amazing about this? that elton john missed the cue for the line and almost fucked up the chorus? that gaga looks like a cast member of hairspray (not necessarily a bad thing, but…)? that debbie harry and shirley bassey had to stand around playing back up singer to gaga? that bruce springsteen needs to project so someone can hear what the hell he’s doing?

    i blame “glee” for this bullshit.

  • People, people…. this was a joke. It’s called I – R – O- N – Y. Lay down your scathing verbal weapons and enjoy your weekend, for Pete’s sake!

  • I grew up loving Elton John so hearing this was rather depressing. Yeah, getting old is a bitch and we all get there. But he is so damn bloated. Man oh man.

  • aww, people who can’t appreciate this must be dead inside. LoL. i DID see “charity event” and “carnegie hall” in this post correct? i loved it and think it’s really wonderful of Gaga to attend and draw a younger crowd.

  • Needs more Bassey. But that may be because I think everything, ever needs more Bassey :P
    You’re totally right Emily – whoever filmed this needs to get some kind of recognition! Hell, I give them props for managing to turn their camera on (a feat I have yet to achieve).

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