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Lady Gaga Is Secretly Crazy Jealous

If you watched Ellen yesterday or if you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably heard about this Greyson Michael Chance kid who sings songs on Youtube.  The video above is of Chance singing “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga. And it’s kind of better than the original.

Lady Gaga, who Chance says is his “number one inspiration,” phoned in to talk to him via Ellen, and it’s really odd to hear Lady Gaga speak to a child when I know all she wants is to be drunk. She told him to “keep following his dreams, work really hard, and stay away from girls.”  It sounds like Lady Gaga is just telling little Greyson the things she wished someone had told her back in the day, before she became the train wreck she is today.  And I know I linked to the same article twice, I just think it’s such a nice article, especially when placed alongside Gaga’s dealings with children.  I also know that she has an incredibly unique style and a whole lot of people like her music, but I don’t think magazine covers and album sales are going to fill that hole in her heart.

By the way, the video above is not the video from the Ellen performance, mostly because I like the overall feel of this video much more.  Check out the girls watching him with lust in their eyes.  That hilarity is my gift to you.

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  • What The F*ing F*k! Get Over Yourselves! He Is Nothing Compared To Gaga!! And It’s No-Where near as good as gaga’s paparazzi! GET A LIFE, and get her hearing and sight test!

    • Oh shut up you pathetic little excuse for a person. I love Lady Gaga, and this kid completely blew it up. It’s amazing. Jesus Christ Lady Gaga ain’t an untouchable totem mate, she’s just a singer with an edge.

  • you should have linked the ellen version if you were going to mention it in the article. especially would have liked to see the lady gaga call in. you hyped it up and gave us something else. .

  • I watched his video on youtube 3 days ago and it only had 200,000 views and now it has over 11 million! Wow… this kid is amazing, plus he writes his own songs as well. What a CUTIE :)

    • Holy frick, this kid is WAY better than Bieber. I have no urge to strangle him, for starters…

  • That boy was amazing but there is no comparison to lady gaga. She is the best stop being so jealous yourself get over yourself and be sure thunt for a new life yours by far must be misserable.

  • Lady gaga is everywhere. She is here to stay like it or not I love her she’s true to herself and truly loves her fans many fans she said do what you want in life and never give up.

  • the kid is reeeaaally good! i heard his original song, called “Broken Hearts”.. and i can’t get it off my head! It’s amazing!

    But come on… his cover is NOT better than the original! I get you probably don’t like Lady Gaga, Emily.. But you just have to admit that the woman is amazing! No one does a Gaga song better than Gaga herself.

    • I completely agree. Also, Gaga wrote the song. That takes way more talent than singing. A lot of people can sing a good song well, but few people can write a good song and also sing it well. That has to count for something.

  • This is all sorts of better than Lady Gaga. And Justin Bieber. I think we should all start going mental over this guy. He actually seems to have some talent..

  • OK this boy is really good, Im a fan of lady gaga but this dude totally is better than her, at least in this song, is really great

  • omg…

    I want to take him home with me, and lock him in a little closet with a piano and make him sing to me all day long. xD

    On a less crazy note, damn the kid can sing.

  • ummm i hate that the pre-teens in the background look like they are just tooo cool to be like totally like completely blown away. that kid has talent.


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  • i prefer this version, i don´t now whath hapend whith gaga i realy dont like her music but listen another version of his song example of this kid i like

  • i didn’t hear a thing. i couldn’t stop focusing at that girl with the scrunchie face and her head in her hand

  • this kid is amazing….hes definately getting somewhere in his lifee. i can’t wait till he becomes famousssss! anddd thats definate that he willl!!!! soooooo soo talentedddd

  • this kid is fantastic and talented, and I’m sure he has a great future ahead of him. but people shouldn’t be bashing the “gaga version” of paparazzi before seeing this. those are gaga’s piano chords he’s using. why can’t people just chill their shit and admit that gaga is talented?

  • This site is just so negative and barely reports gossip news. This is why dlisted rules and I barely ever check back with evilbeet. I mainly blame the non-Sasha writers (Sarah, Molls, Emily, etc.).

    All you all do is bash lady gaga and other popular shit because it’s “cool”. Get over yourselves, I don’t even like pop music but Lady Gaga is fucking amazing. This kid did an amazing job, but don’t you love how you just jump to the really odd conclusion that Gaga is jealous? What made you think that? She’s ridiculously successful, why would she be jealous of a little boy who is covering her song? And a train wreck? What are you talking about????? Because she got shitfaced and got all philosophical? As if you have never done that before, ever, in your life, and none of your own friends have? You are bat shit insane, and insanely jealous.

  • Kid’s good. He’s in a different category, though. Vocals + Piano skill, raw, is not comparable to a big production talent thing. He should wait until he is a little older, and get into music himself, make his own songs.

    As for all those people bashing Lady Gaga:
    I am a Rock/Metal fan.
    But I like Lady Gaga.
    She’s a real woman, with real flaws. She doesn’t try to bury them beneath all the silicone and botox and makeup other celebs do.
    Honestly, people. If you are gonna bash her for something, be mad because you could never pull off her outrageous outfits. That is something one in a million.

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