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Prince Harry: The Real Belle of the Ball

A photo of Prince Harry

I know, I know, it’s Prince William and Princess Kate‘s special day, but let’s just be real for one hot second. It’s true that for today and for the immediate future (and, you know, whenever William becomes king), that most eyes are on the newlyweds. But really, the one with real staying power, the one with intrigue, rugged good looks, and gorgeous hair? That’s Prince Harry.  And he deserves his own gallery too.

Below are pictures of Harry from today’s wedding and throughout the years, back until I felt too pervy to ogle the guy.  There’s something for everyone there – whether you like men in uniform, men with children, or just good old fashioned gingers, you’ll be sure to find something you appreciate.

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  • He really is outrageously good-looking. I don’t know why I never really acknowledged it before.

  • I was just saying the other day how shocking it is that it is now Harry who is the good looking one while William has gotten..well..y’know..British looking.

  • Prince Harry could make a great king & Chelsy a great queen.. It is just a thought.. William and Kate are OK..

    • Chelsy is SO trashy. She would never be a good queen. Come on, Queen Chelsy? Please.

  • Both of the princes are extremely handsome and sexxy, but for my money William wins. Those beautiful steel blue eyes, hairy chest and now the sighting of his uncut penus. HOT. So very hot.