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Damn, Harry


I always thought I was a Prince William girl, but that’s one hell of a stomach on Mr. Harry. I think I do have to stick with Wills, though; Queen Beet has a nice ring to it.

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  • hey prince harry I love yeah so much I wish I could hold yeah in my arms tighter than you can understand on tv I hope you can work it out with chelsea davy and make ends meet. I miss yeah so much airing to us out here in the usa .. I love you the way I love Andrew and shaun My moms 2 sons I still wish we were brother and sister meaning true related and anytime you wish to write me please do so I was very in the wrong to say I hated you it was a big mistake I should not have taken out my anger on youbecause of things katelyn has done to me disturbingly on my phone like harrsseement phone calls etc.. I had caller ID box on my phone and star 69… that is call trace but I forgave you completely with my heart… its the girls who are a problem not yourself but I feel Angelique is in the uk of london as a residence hideing from law officials I heard a rumor that someone said to you personally that I stated thatyou ruined my life well hey that’s not the truth you never ever ruined my life or had to say bye bye you made my heart forfill more with happiness we miss you and want our prince harry back to fill your hearts with blessings of love even if I am not chosen to be the actual princess to be in the throne Istill love you anyway and still wish to date a nephew of princess Diana’s and keep our hearts alive for now and always and because the woman emma bunton played with our hearts and america shes caught and wanted by law officials at the antrim nh usa police station along with kate middleton she emma lee bunton and kate has to surrender to usa law phone# 1603 883-3841 my home phone and police station # 1603-588-6613 but I forgave little chelsea and yourself after you make up with a loved one your not supposed to play with countries and lives this time we want to see yourself and prince william air togther because we love princess dianas way and your mommy diana would say william and harry are always together with your hearts and my heart is always with you chelsea and william is free not the others and yeah now i would still love to have the famose day with you with the desiugners and fame the body work and have prince william in the invatations to come to this big day come on and say the princes are back to usa I hope you loved the princess statue Ive sent yeah I hope if you have children they become close to mine someday and be close and i HOPE HARRY OUR HEARTS CAN MEND AND WE CAN BE NEIGHBORS IN LONDON SOMEDAY LOVE AMY Elizabeth PARENT usa

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