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The Secret’s Out and the Photos Are Up


Now that Prince Harry’s dirty little secret is out — he’s been serving in Afghanistan for the past 10 weeks — photos of him out there have hit the web.

It’s really shitty that the fact that he’s there got leaked. It compromises his safety and the safety of his fellow soldiers. But I have to say, even though I’m not a Brit, I feel a great deal of pride for Harry. I’m sure he didn’t have to go — he wanted to defend his country like the rest of his friends, and I give him mad props for that. Britain should be very proud of its prince.

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  • It’s true that Harry’s The Spare. Prince William is the future King Of England, but they don’t want to sound crass. Cheerio!

  • im glad he is safe too and im sure he is frustrated, i read that he really wanted to serve there in the front lines and it was important to him…

  • “Leaked” my ass. Obviously it was a photo op by all the professional photos. The royal family wanted him to serve a little time and then they “forced” him back to safety by “leaking” the photos.

    Don’t believe for a second that this wasn’t just a public relations exercise to keep the proletariats happy and show that the Royal Family also risks their lives for country.

  • Donkey Punch,

    Yeah, whatever makes you sleep easier at night.

    Remember to wear your tinfoil hat and take a new route to work today, you fucking moron.

  • Jay use your brains for once.

    They just happened to have a professional photographer following him around taking snaps for the fun of it?

  • There is also a video crew that was shooting documentary footage and an interview. You say it wasn’t a photo op?

    Only a completely naive retard would think that this info was “leaked”.

  • fake he leeked the news so he could go home and bone hot teens on the britannia …i’d do it too

  • defending his country from what? a bunch of war victim??? never understand the policy of lets-destroy-a-country-because-we-think-osama-is-there.