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Johnny Knoxville’s About to Be A Dad Again!

A photo of Johnny Knoxville

This new baby will be Johnny‘s third – he has a 15-year-old daughter, Madison, with his ex-wife, and little Rocko (the child in the pictures!) with his current wife, Naomi, who’s also the one cooking this third kid up.  Hot Ass Johnny had these charmingly Southern words to say about the baby:

“My wife Naomi and I are super happy to announce that we are having another little bambino in the fall. My 15-year-old daughter Madison is very excited about it, and her 16-month-old little brother Rocko has, well, no clue. Wahoo!!”

Ugh, how can he be so perfect?  Do you ladies ever do this thing where your uterus thinks independently?  That is to say, do you ever see a beautiful man tending to a child and before you know it, your uterus starts bouncing around excitedly because it wants to do its job, no matter what you have to say about it?  Because if you guys do that, then so do I, and that’s exactly what’s happening with these pictures.  Unless that’s not normal.  Then, um … yay, baby pictures!

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  • Yes. I agree – charming indeed. But what did you find to be so particularly Southern? I’m just curious.

    • Oh, just the “bambino” part, and the “Wahoo!” at the end. I guess it’s not really specifically Southern, I can just hear it voiced with that dialect so clearly.