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So I Guess American Idol Took Away My One Reason to Live

Well, I guess in my heart I knew that I couldn’t count on American Idol voters to recognize true talent, otherworldy beauty, and effortless grace, so I knew this was coming sooner or later. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt when Casey Abrams was eliminated last night.  I didn’t even get to watch the show – I was too wrapped up in my Rocky Horror Picture Show sing-along with my dogs (side note: they were somehow way unimpressed by my rendition of “I’m Going Home”) – and the guilt over that gets me just as bad.

So what’s up, America? Why can’t you recognize this talent? Why are you still crying over Pia when she couldn’t even play an upright bass?!

Putting my disappointment aside, I suppose I’ll have to pick a new favorite.  Probably James or Haley, right?  I don’t know, it still feels too soon.


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  • His song that week was a horrible choice. All he did was talk and growl! And his growl is super creepy! America got it right…it was either him or Jacob!

  • Dude was a decent musician, but really he couldn’t sing to save his life, and looked too much like Randy Quaid.